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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Robert comes near Claude.
Robert: If i activate my Secundo, i think that i can still catch that chariot. Don't go, Vishnu. Let me do it! You know that this is what they want.
Vishnu turns around. He has a sincere smile on his face.
Vishnu: Then i will give them what they want. I will burn down everything because they dared to fuck with me. I will show them my Secundo. And what it really means!*
Claude crouches, and jumps from the ground, several hundred meters in the air. He is using his wind abilities to fly after the chariot.*
Robert: Fuck this!! I must hurry!
Soon, Claude is just behind the chariot. Apollo is driving it, and Arinasa is shown unconcious near him. Claude as he is flying, claps his hands together and shouts.
Claude: Fulgur!!! Extreeemus!!!
A giant lightning strikes the chariot, bringing it down. Apollo grabs the girl and jumps from it, landing just ouside the city of Istabul. He puts Arinasa down, and shouts from his mouth a fireball. Claude simply cuts throught it, lands in front of Apollo in a crouched position and claps his hands.
Claude: Venuts! Refringo!!!
He makes a slice move towards his shoulders with his arms. Apollo spits a bit of blood then he falls down on the ground sliced in four parts.*
He grabs Arinasa and wakes her up.
Claude: Are you ok, my love?
Arinasa: Claude...what happend?
Claude: Listen to me closely, Arinasa...listen to me very carefuly. You will have to learn what Robert and the others will teach you. You will have to stick with them. Trust Robert with your life.*
Arinasa confused: What do you mean?!? Where are you going?!?
Claude smiles: I am saving everyone. There is only one way to avoid constant battles. There is only one way for you to be able to learn everything that you need. They thought that if they take me out, there will be nobody left to teach you and thus, you won't represent a threat for the god's reign anymore. Well, they are wrong.*
Arinasa: Are you saying that you have to die in order for me to survive and train?
Claude: That's exactly what i am saying.
Arinasa grabs his neck and starts crying: NO! You won't die!!! NO! I WON'T ALLOW THIS!!!
Suddenly a giant thunder is heard. The clouds are breaked, showing a clear sky. But only a part of the clouds are breaked.
Arinasa as she looks up: What the?!?
Claude: This is it...promise me will listen to Robert and you will do as he says!
Robert just landed several hundred meters from them. The wind gets stronger and stronger. It's like a hurricane hit the outskirts of Istanbul. Leonardo, Mozart, Darwin, Suleyman, Max, Newton, Houdini and Henry appear as well. They are all standing in a line watching the sky.
Robert shouts: Vishnuuu!!! You have to throw her to me! Otherwise she will get caught in the blast!
Claude kisses Arinasa one last time as he looks into her eyes.
Claude: Farewell, my love...and be strong!!!
Claude grabs her by her waist and throws her straight towards Robert. The latter summons a branch that catches her. Arinasa is still shouting and crying. Claude reveals his sword and throws it towards Robert. The latter catches the sword too.
Claude shouts: Keep it for me, Robert!
Max: What is going to happen now?!?
Suleyman: The sky will show us Its furry. Vishnu is a brave man.

The scene shows Claude. Better known as Vishnu, the founder of the Celest City. An EƤren. Better known as the Dark General. Better known as a friend and brother for his comrades. As the man who sacrificed everything for the mankind. As the god who betrayed his own and embraced the humans. His hair is slicked back. He is wearing nothing but a white shirt, over black slim fit pants. He has a watch on his left hand. He reaches in his pocket and reveals his Davidoff cigarettes. He lights one, as the wind starts blowing faster and stronger around him. Then it happens. Claude looks at the sky, with a calm look on his face. The air got frozen. Everything stoped moving for a brief moment. It's the silence before the storm. And then, five different voices are heard saying the same two words.
Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Amaterasu as the same time: AXIS MUNDI!!!
From the break made into the clouds, a giant pillar of pure, white light descends towards Claude. The latter simply looks at the pillar, as it is coming closer and closer to him. Arinasa is shown looking at his eyes. Suddenly she feels a deep warm,feeling. His eyes are filled with love, hope and determination. The scene shows him throwing one last confident smile, as the pillar envelops him entirely, destroying his body and soul forever...Nothing was left behind...nothing...

The scene shows a little cemetery located in Bucharest. Romania. A tomb is prepared. Around the grave there are seen Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Harry Houdini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Henry Tudor, Sultan Suleyman, Robert, Max and Arinasa. Several other people came to attend the funeral. Unknown people to Arinasa. They are all dressed in black. A tall blonde man, with piercing blue eyes approaches Robert.

Robert: Michael.
Michael: Hello Robert. I'm sorry...for your loss.
Robert: I'm sure you do.*
Michael: I'm here to tell you something. The...unfortunate death of Vishnu changed everything. You are free from our threat. We, the Celestials will no longer pursue you, or the girl. She is not a threat anymore for us. Since her teacher died, we would struggle for a meaningless kill.
Robert: What makes you think that i cannot teach her?
Michael smiles: Come on, are good, but you're no Vishnu. Let's be serious. She cannot became the level of threat that she would have be if Vishnu was tutoring her. Because of that, we will no longer be a menace.
Robert: Oh, thank you for the kind words Michael.*
Michael: Would you rather have me exterminate every single one of you? In the most cruel manner possible?
Robert: Of course not.*
Michael: Good. Now, as a token of my sincerity, i will also let you keep Vishnu's sword. As a memento. Well, i should go. Goodbye, Robert. Oh, and i was very surprised to hear about Yama's death at your hands. If you ever reconsider about joining our ranks...
Robert: Fuck you Michael. Go back to your Celest City and spare me of your shit.
Michael laughs: As you wish, Robert.
Michael turns around and leaves the scene. Darwin comes closer to Robert.
Darwin: That was Michael?!?*
Robert: Yeah...
Darwin: What did he want?
Robert: To confirm that Vishnu's plan has worked. They do not consider us a threat anymore.*
Darwin: Impressive.*

The scene shows Arinasa. She has an angry look in her eyes, and she is crying. Leonardo comes near her and places his hand on her shoulder.

Leonardo: Young Arinasa...can i tell you a story?
Arinasa: What is it Leonardo?
Leonardo: Just after i became an Aerhis...Claude teached me the most important lesson of my life. We can cry those who died...but if we smile instead of crying when we remember them...they would be much more happy. So stop crying, young Arinasa, and smile. Remember the moments that you shared with Claude. Remember what kind of a man he was. Remember what he taught you. Remember what he did for you. Remember...that he loved you until the very end of his existence. Don't cry. Smile. Smile because you were so lucky to have someone like him in your life. Smile, because today's pain will strenghten your heart. Smile because he made you the greatest gift that can be made: love. He loved you. Do not bring a shadow over his memories with your tears. Bring a ray of sunshine with your smile!
Arinasa looks at Leonardo and hugs him with a brotherly love.
Arinasa: Thank you...Leonardo.*
Leonardo looks over her shoulder at Claude's grave as he sheds a tear himself.
Leonardo whispering: friend...

The scene shows Romania. Robert's secondary castle, somewhere in the Carpathian mountains. *In the conference room, everyone gathered.

Robert: I summoned all of you here to make a decision. Leonardo. Henry. Charles. Harry. Amadeus. Isaac. Suleyman. Max. Arinasa. With Vishnu's death, the Celestials lifted their attention from us. Now we are free men. Which one of you wants to stand with me and fulfill the Prophecy? And which one wants to leave? This is the first and the last time that i will ask this question. Nobody will get mad if anyone leaves. It's your life, your choice. And i respect that. I will not force any of you to cooperate with me and support me. But in the next period of time, i will train both Arinasa and Max. And when they will be ready, i will bring down the Celest City. Arinasa will fulfill the propechy. She will destroy the gods, once and for all. So...who is with me?
Everyone stands up at the same moment. Everyone at the same moment declare their support of Robert.
Robert: Thank you. All of you. Together we can win this battle! Arinasa, do you have something to say?
Arinasa stands up and looks at everyone at the table.
Arinasa: Vishnu sacrificed himself, so i can live and became the one that i must be. I am ready for everything and anything. I hope that you are all ready to teach me everything you know.
Robert: I will teach you everything that i know. Even if my life will fade away, i will gladly place it at your feet!
Everyone else: So do I !!
Arinasa with a determined look in her eyes: Thank you. Because i became more powerful than everyone! And i will crush the Celestials!!!

The end of part one!

This was just the "first volume". The next chapter will be up in a couple of days, i'm not taking any breaks, i just divided the story. Thank you for reading, and i am waiting for opinions!
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