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Re: Teen commits suicide over Itachi.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
It's a sad and depressing place... a simple docu about the place that is supposed to show it's beauty cannot even make that place look like a good feeling inspiring place to say the least lol...
And I could easily link to videos showing poverty on the US that are far more depressing than the average documentary on Russia. Seriously, what are your hard evidence for spewing such xenophobic bullshit other than "I dun liek it?"

And how does the suicide rate have nothing to do with the country... Suicide which is most commonly brought on by depression and stress is caused through the stimuli of the environment, aka, the damn place they live, the country...
While it is not the only reason, it is still a big part...
Suicides in Portugal doubled in the last two decades when the average of sunny days increased, we had renovation of cities and even housed great cultural events, like the World Expo 1998, Porto 2001, the Euro 2004 and Guimarães 2012. The thing is, financial status, family affairs and other relationships weigh far, far, FAR more than how the country looks.

Me and you have different views on what "Beauty" is... You think Dreary, cloudy, cold, ect is beautiful... You have at that...
Wow, I didn't know the US didn't have cloudy and cold days and that there are absolutely no degraded building whatsoever! Gee, I'm learning so much today!

Like I said, the very docu that was supposed to make Russia seem beautiful could not even barely do it... Russia, from what I have seen of the country, is just depressing...
Link of that documentary, please. If you're basing your loltastic opinion on it, you might as well present it for people to acknowledge.

Your kidding right... If you knew anything about Suicide, you would know that it is mainly caused by depression and stress...
And you can't read once again! Of course I know suicide can be linked to depression, I'm not stupid like you, the thing is I don't know how anybody reasonable can assert that high suicide rate-->the country looks depressing. It just makes no logical sense unless you're a xenophobic asshole.

And the very suicide the 14 year old did was because he was distraught his favorite character had died in an anime... Now, for a kid to commit suicide for such a silly reason leads me to two likely reasons....

1. The kid just wanted attention and was not going to go through with the suicide, but once up on the building, wanting to mak it look like he was going to jump... Possibly slipped, somehow accidently falling... Or...

2. The kid losing his favorite character who he vicariously lived through felt the death of the character left him with no life left to live either... Thus he ended his life with no conceivable way to live on in the world he actually had to live in as opposed to living on in the false reality he wanted to live in....

Depression obviously being the fuel to either scenario, losing his favorite character... Clearly more so in #2 though...
First, I'd like to see your credentials on psychology, or else you're BS'ing as usual. Second, you're assuming the depression comes from environment. What about emotional instability due to family problems, childhood trauma, problems at school, etc? Heck, I could spend all day listing possible triggers for his suicide that aren't as irrelevant as "Russia looks depressing".

Assuming I have based these conclusions on an assumption is an assumption you hypocritical jackass... You are amazingly dense sometime... LOL is all I have to say...
Sorry, I'm not assuming you're basing your conclusions on assumptions, I'm STATING THE FUCKING OBVIOUS.

Or you so choose to defend someone who opposes me because you still have a very sore ass from an ass pwning i gave you years ago which I why you choose to argue things you know nothing about... such as Russia and vengeance's relationship with it...
Why must everything spin around you and your delusions? You implied Vengeance was Russian, I simply stated the truth (he's not) and that you're stupid for even thinking of making such an idiotic post.

You are making a big deal out of the fact I think Russia is depressing... Who cares... Clearly I cannot be that far off considering the suicide rate... Still, you have to oppose every Idea I have due to the random ass pwing I do not even remember, but you so obsess over which is why you feel the need to respond to my every post despite me being on your ignore list...
Let me try to make sense of this. How the fuck are you equating thinking French and Portuguese = Mexican any kind of ass whooping? That's not even reasonable on a trolling premise, you simply said something stupid and xenophobic back then and you're saying something stupid and xenophobic right now.

I care because not everyone in this forum shares the same nationality and if you're not willing to respect other countries (and I mean respect, if they have something to criticize that is actually objective, you can criticize), how the fuck do you want anyone with a brain to relate with your reasoning?

What about the suicide rate is not evidence? Suicide is caused by depression... Depression is caused by environment... The country is the environment... There you have it... WHat more do you need weather???
There is the climate...

Russia is a cold country, but there are always shades in the grey. The contrast of tundra's permafrost, which occupies 65% of Russian land and exotic Black sea coast has in between the continental climate, which is the most inhabited zone of European Russia, southern regions of Siberia and the Russian Far East. Its summers are always warm with a good portion of hot days enabling outdoor swimming in many of rivers, lakes and the seas.
From this:
Canada has a severely lower suicide rate than Russia and shares many of the climate traits of Russia. Explain that if environment is such a big thing for suicide rate.

ANd as WILL of D said:
The lack of sunlight does play a big part in suicide due to it's effects of endorphin, the feel good hormone and natural pain killers which cause a feeling of well being which depression is known for taking away...

And an environment that is cold, cloudy, lacking sunlight, is an environment that is known for breeding depression... Hell, the use of Wellbutrin is used for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (winter blues also known as)... and if there is a medicine to treat it, then the cause of the problem must have been taken pretty seriously don't you think....

"There are many different treatments for classic (winter-based) seasonal affective disorder, including light therapy with sunlight or bright lights, antidepressant medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, ionized-air administration,[8] and carefully timed supplementation of the hormone melatonin.[9]"


Seasonal mood variations are believed to be related to light. An argument for this view is the effectiveness of bright-light therapy.[12] SAD is measurably present at latitudes in the Arctic region, such as Northern Finland (64°00′N) where the rate of SAD is 9.5%.[13] Cloud cover may contribute to the negative effects of SAD.[14]
The symptoms of SAD mimic those of dysthymia or even major depressive disorder. There is also potential risk of suicide in some patients experiencing SAD. One study reports 6–35% of sufferers required hospitalization during one period of illness.[14] At times, patients may not feel depressed, but rather lack energy to perform everyday activities.[12]"

See, sunlight does make a difference...

But let me guess, this is not evidence because it severely hurts your argument...
Fallacy of composition: not everyone on a certain climate will share the same mood nor all depressed people will commit suicide. And, like I said, money, family and relationships pretty much squash climate as a reaosn for suicide. For real, do some research on suicide and tell me what's the percentage for "I don't like the weather". I'm not joking when I say I'm really curious to see it.

Would you all shut up!? A boy is dead.
And I already said my piece on that. I'm just trying to make an idiot see how bigoted he's being towards the kid's nationality.
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