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Re: Naruto_609

Originally Posted by jericho Uzimaki View Post
I knew he was gonna give him chakra, but when I saw this i was like huh?

Then he said this i died laughing! I thought he was being an ass, lol. until I saw this, i like his personality.

Vote for Kurama as a late entry for best supporting character Part II. but you know technically with Nagato's 2nd death this is part III, he said so himself. Oh well I was so hoping for a time skip. Naruto much needs a few more years of training.
your comment reminds me of when naruto controls the nine tails and KB and him are having the conv in their mind, Yamato was like " u r doing this just to annoy me right?
LOL anyways decent chapter and as u had summarized, exactly my rxn
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