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Can't wait till my boy sasuke comes back...I'm tired of all this nonsense. Kakashi couldda killed obito but he didnt. He was prolly scared he'd get trapped in the dimension lol idk wat that was about. I just want the BS talking to stop and the action to continue. The only things that should b said at this point is sht that needs to b said. With a lil shit talking frm madara...I like his shit talking. Sasuke always brings a straight to the point feel to the fights now that itachis gone the emo shit can stop. I wonder what he can do tho to really change this fight. Perfect susanoo? With kyubii and hachi? A whole new jutsu to completely scatter the jubii like neo said? Reseal him? Make himself the 10 tailed jink (def not). W.e it is it better b good! I really want to see him and madara fight. Kyubii said his chakra was more sinister so I want madara to b impressed and'll be funny if sasuke is the one to talk no jutsu madara so he just fades away.
The chap was weak to me. Really the only part I liked is when obito looked at kakashi like "ur exhausted...lemme suck u back into the dimension n see if u cn cme back." Lmao kakashi was scared as hell, he knew what time it was. Other than that it wasn't that good to me. Looking forward to next chap.
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