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Re: Citizens from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
Interesting little tidbit for ya... the insurance companies donated 30x more to Democratic candidates than Republican candidates this past election. So that argument has no validity what-so-ever. Hence why Lewis Black said it so famously, "Our political party system is a bowl of sh!t sitting in the mirror staring at itself. One is a party of no ideas, and the other a party of bad ideas."
My point has no validity? You came with "Obama's version of healthcare" when the end result wasn't even what Obama at least promised: an healthcare plan similar to those of North Europe. So what if Democrats received more bribes than Republicans? I'm not saying they're not to blame because they crumbled before the lobbyists, but at least they had a plan for healthcare, all I heard from the Republicans was a whinefest and no solution with head, torso and limbs. So blaming the diatribes of the current healthcare plan on the Democrats is horribly misguided.

Minimizing and eliminating taxes are two different things. I want taxes minimized.
How much do you pay in each individual tax? Just asking because I need to know whether your complaint to lower taxes has validity.

And as far as your statement about people abusing the system being a minority, is laughable.
My first thought on this was "fuck this guy". I'm serious. Sure, I don't live in the US, but overall behavior in the US can't be the Bizarro's World version of where I live considering we both live in 1st world regions that belong to bigger political unions. Here, sure there are moochers that suck on unemployment pensions as much as they can without looking for a job, but it's a minority that I doubt it even breaks the 5% of all those who live of welfare. I see people crowding both the Social Security and Employment Institute centers looking for a job or a pension to put food on their tables. Granted both poverty and unemployment are higher here, but c'mon, to say the moochers outnumber the needy considering a poverty rate of 15% is delusional.

The number of people on welfare doubled under Bill Clinton. This was the man who is famous for bringing jobs to the U.S. (which isn't the complete truth by the way).
And just now you flunked on your research. Bill Clinton revised welfare in 1996 and you know what are the percentages of welfare before and after the revision? The recipiency rate lowered from a mean of 17% to a mean of 15% and a dependency rate went from 5.5% to 3.7%. Gee, if I didn't know better, I'd say the opposite happened! And, by what I read of the Act Bill Clinton signed, it was meant to exclude people from being candidates for welfare, like certain single mothers, so saying it doubled due to the Act seems a paradox.

You would think so, but there are many who are searching for other means already. I've heard of several small business owners starting their own insurance firms (which is how many were started out in the first place, friends insuring friends).
Yes, because relying on insurance firms that charge you for quite a bit is sooo much better than having a federal safety net that depends on taxes that are already paid. Are those people really that allergic to empathy?

I wouldn't even say I'm a moderate. I have conservative tendencies, but I understand the need for balance.
Well, I said moderate because you're not as nutty as what I'd say an American conservative is. But if you consider yourself conservative, sure, you certainly are in an European context.

As of two years ago, there was a big push by several Republicans to explore nuclear energy. It's the cleanest form of energy that is efficient (wind isn't) and cheapest.
Stop right there. Whoever told you that wind energy isn't efficient was lying with all the teeth they had in their mouths. Sure the initial cost vs profit rate is negative during many months and the production does fluctuate, but it's very efficient and here's the kicker: in days of high winds, wind power can produce 2/3 of the total energy of a country as both Portugal and Spain have verified. That's 4 times what wind energy represents in those countries.

The big oil companies (both foreign and domestic) fought it off alongside several Democrats citing environmental concerns. All I know is that I wouldn't mind having a utility bill being under $50.00, with the a/c or heat running all month long, non-stop.
Oh the irony, 15% of my electricity bill comes from wind power and I never paid more than 40 Euros for it.

What it boils down to is that both parties are at fault. Politicians on both sides aren't "fighting" for the constituents, but for their pockets. That's why I've been under the notion that not a single incumbent should be re-elected unless he/she fulfilled all of their campaign promises. That's why I don't think people should vote for a candidate, but for a stance. In the U.S., there is always going to be "yellow dog" Democrats and "die hard" Republicans.
Read the "longest thread ever" on the spam zone. Many people, including me, already discussed ways to shift the paradigm of USA's bipartisan bickering.
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