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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
Alright then let's get serious.

Demon's Souls
Valkyria Chronicles
inFamous 1+2
Killzone Trilogy
Uncharted Trilogy
Heavy Rain
God of War Trilogy (maybe)
Siren Blood Curse
Yakuza 3 + 4
No More Heroes HD

Want to get the Deadly Premonition Director's Cut and the JoJo game in the future too.
You might already know this, but PS3 has no Region lock, so you can get games anywhere.

Gundam Crossfire (or target in signt I think it's sold as in EU like AU)

And uh...Will dig through my games for more.

ACt; I really disliked the story of ACIII, but there were other things as well. At first I didn't like the change to the combat system but it grew on me, probably because it was so flashy and fighting grunts became a bit more of a mix up due to soldiers "Resiliency". I didn't like Connor as a character, he was boring and he didn't feel like Ezio or Altair who hated the Templar's and was a true assassin, Connor was more a Sheep in Wolfs clothing. The Naval battles were okay, but I can see them becoming old quick. I finished the game with only the weapons I started with.

Although I did have some fun after I liberated a Templar base, after it all changed and It came back for me to play, one of the newly spawned patriots was next to me and like all AC AI he was an ass and pushed me...

so i killed the entire town...Feels good man.

The game it's self seemed really short. almost as short as brotherhood. Revelations felt longer.

For all the build up to the final kill it's a rather shit one, the past 4 games have ended in a fight with that games main antagonist, this one is a chase through a ship that's being built that is magically set on fire just as you run into it.
Desmond missions were good.
This game barely mentions Ezio and I don't think Altair's name is uttered once. for all the importance they supposedly held there is a distinct lack of anything to do with them. Even the bleeding effect has subsided.

Side missions aren't encouraged. I went through the main story and that was it.

There's other things that escape my memory right now. But over all I was severely disappointed in the game and the series story. The next game is probably going to be a window licking bus ride.
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