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Re: Naruto_610_Prediction_Thread

Originally Posted by jericho Uzimaki View Post
A Jericho Prediction

Obito stands smiling, "finally it will be over soon and you and Rin and I wil be in a better world"

Kakashi, "you have really lost your way."

Obito, "yes, the way of trash is lost to me."

Naruto frowning at Obito, "I told you I'm not trash, and that means neither are my friends. But I have a question for you, Obito."

Obito, "this talking matters not, but what is it?"

Naruto, "this whole plan is to put the world in a genjutsu right, your world of heroes and peace?"

Madara is approaching the area.

Obito says nothing in response.

Naruto, "so, my real question is why do you want to kill everyone? Because don't people have to be alive to be under genjutsu?"

Obito looking at Kakashi, "what is this idiot talking about Kakashi?!"

Bee and the other Naruto approach as well to gain better ground agaoinst the Juubi.

Naruto, "if everyone is in a genjutsu then who will feed them and give them water, you and Madara? You guys gonna take care of evryone while their in this Genjutsu?!"

Obito looks shocked, "what?"

Naruto, "your the idiot, if evrybody is asleep, then they can't get nourishment, they will all die! Even I know you can't go long without water and food, did you not think of that?!"

Madara from off screen, "no, he did not. But I..." (on screen standing on a huge tree root over them) " do not care."

Obito, "what do you mean?! how will everyone survive while their under?"

The Juubi roars and is looking around as if trying to figure out where it is.

Kurama, "they share the same measure of evil..."

Madara qucikly using wood styel to wrap up the ninjas, catching them off guard, "there is no moon's eye plan, I just used that to get your aide. I am going to be the ruler of this world as the ten tails master!"

Obito, "you lied?! I am an idiot, I ..I..still can't stand the current ninja system. It caused you to kill Rin but also, I lost everything."

Kakashi, "what?! you saw....wait you got it wrong! She was dying, Obito!"

Obito, "what?!"

Madara, "Oh I guess I faile dto mention that. Yeah the mist village had a connection with the rock ninja that kidnapped her, they performed a jutsu on her, that was a time bomb."

Naruto, [what are we gonna do now?!]

Kurama, [ why haven't you busted out yet, your strong enough? wait are you actually thinking something through?]

Naruto, [yeah i need to talk to Gyuuki, quick. I have a plan.]

Madara squeezing kakashi tighter with his wood jutsu, "yes it was casuing her chakra to increase, then when it got to a certain level then it explode taking the whole village with her. Somehow her sensei found out, he really was a smart guy."

Obito, looking at Kakashi, "Rin..."

Kakashi struggling to talk, "she asked me to be the one to do it. Said ....was a way ...I could protect ehr and...the village. She wanted to be remembered as as ninja not a killer of her friends and village destroyer."

Madara, "well now thats out of the way, do you feel any better now? Right I thought not."

Gai, "Kakashi, looks like you may have to carry on without me from here..."

Kakashi, "you know you can do other things, you don'y have to open the 8th gate!"

Gai, "I made a promise, I don't back out on my promises."

Gyuuki, [ what are they going on about?]

Madara heads towards the Juubi.

Obito, turning to follow, "don't say anything to me Kakashi, I know...I messed up, not much I can do about it now."

Naruto, "coward."

the clone is standinghtere hab=ving bust out of the wood element.

Obito just looks at him.

Naruto, "I understand your a bad guy, you been through something and this is where you are. BUT you just found out what you thought happened, there was more to it! yet you still follow this path?! why?!"

Obito turns his head slightly as he begins to wlak away again, "he is the only family I have left."

Naruto, "I'm sorry."

suddenly from nowhere.

"Uzumaki, grand entrance!"

Naruto kicks Obito in the face sending him flying throwing his head back sharply.

Madara sees this but ignores it.

The clone that asked the question frees Kakashi and Bee frees gai.

Gyuuki touches him with a tentacle on his back, giving him chakra as Gai's stands up straight and begins to smile, -ping-

Gyuuki, [oh good gracious]

Gai approaches Obito and Kakashi is already there looking down at him, "he is out cold."

Gyuuki, sprays him with ink, "he won't be able to do anything with that sealing ink on him when he wakes up."

everyone turns to see the Juubi with Madara on it's head.

Madara, "looks like we have company"

we see not too far behing Kakshi and company the Allaince has arrived.

Naruto, seeing his friends, {Sakura, bushy bro, Shikamaru and everybody is here!]

Kurama, [what about your plan?]

Madara, "uninvited,but I can make accommodations"

suddenly hundreds of wood clones rise form the ground, they beginto rush towards the Alliance.

Alaince ninja, "let's go! For Naruto-sama, for Bee-sama and for the five nations!!

They begin to charge towards the clones.

Naruto clone to Kakashi, "let's guy Kakashi Sensei and Super eyebrow Sensei, we help the Alliance!"

Naruto goes Kurama mode and faces off with Madara with Gyuuki beside him,[I'm ready now, Kurama.]

Kurama, [bout time, now kick some undead ass!]

suddenly the ten tails uses five tails to grab and slam Gyuuki but misses Naruto/Kurama as they were too fast.

soon Gyuuki is absorbed and only Bee is left lying on the ground.

Naruto sees this and grits his teeth, a clone appears and takes Bee away.

Madara, "now, just use Bijuu masters now, give it over so my ten tails can be complete, maybe you will live. You are an Uzumaki, or I could take it and kill you."

Naruto, "you want power of Kuram the 9 tailed fox!?"

suddenly Madara clones of Naruto each one in Kurama mode.

Madara looks around.

Naruto as all charge up Bijuu dama, rather quickly, "you can have all 9 tails worth!"

Madara, [surrounded, the Bijuudama, there forming extremely fast what power and precsion!]

Kurama, {this wasn't the plan...]

Naruto[I know,this is just the warm up. after the plan,I'm gonna use that jutsu to finish this!]

Naruto has a plan and what jutsu is he going to unleash?!

Next Naruto: "Jutsu of a Legacy"
hnnnnnnnnnnnn good predict but you need to get a more realism....................... i give you a permision to watch my vidoe to learn a tips for this problem....................but still good effort for this predict............
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