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Re: Citizens from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
As far as the healthcare issue goes, there has been the Ryan Plan, the Paul plan, and other various plans that have been shot down by liberals and the MSM. There are other plans, some that I prefer to others. I would seriously take tidbits from all and use them as one plan, but that requires too much common sense from our politicians.
First, US is the only country that isn't my own that I follow the news religiously and only now I'm hearing of these plans. When Obamacare was a big thing, what I saw was Republicans scream "DEATH PANELS!! SOCIALISM!! THE COUNTRY WILL BE DESTROYED BY IT!" and other nonsensical counterarguments to it. I did not for once saw those Republican plans being properly discussed by the media.

And now that I've read them... dude, they're horrible! Ryan's plan could very well be renamed "Off-with-their-heads plan".

On the energy issue, wind can be a viable source for smaller countries, but for a countries that are large, the cost isn't proficient to the possible dividends, especially considering what is considered "prime real estate" for the farms. At one point the largest wind farm (in the U.S.) was going to be constructed about 50 miles NNE of Joplin, MO, the "heart" of Tornado Alley.
What. You clearly are misinformed, since China is aiming to have wind energy to represent 12% of total energy 2015 and both Harvard and Tsinghua said that it can reach 100% (yes, 100%) by 2030 so wind power clearly can power a big country, it's just that small countries will obviously notice the effects much earlier.

The last proposed plan for continental nuclear energy for the U.S. required roughly seven nuclear power plants on the national scale. One at each major regional station and three in between those. When also considering the numerous natural rivers in the U.S. that could be used as natural cooling stations for the plants, it makes too much sense. It would also alleviate some of the possible flooding for those river banks.
So those rivers are completely void of wild life? Because even the warming of the waters can disturb or downright destroy habitats, so using rivers as cooling systems is an horrible practice when a cooling tower could be built and simply use canalized water or a body of water specifically designed for that purpose.

On the taxes issue, it all depends on which state you live in. U.S. citizens are required to pay an income tax, which is supposed to fund the majority of all federal programs. At the state and local levels; tourism, sales, and property taxes are supposed to be used to fund the programs at those levels.
I asked for what percentages you pay in taxes, not what taxes you paid since every tax you named we also have it here.

What is upsetting, is that here in MD, this past year, state and local politicians took over $350 million out of the education fund. MD is a Democrat heavy state. This info was provided by the State treasurer (also a Dem) at his website (due to question 7, voting for a casino in Baltimore, MD) campaigning against that particular event. I haven't looked at the CAMFR, but not a single politician disputed that claim. If I were to stay a resident in Baltimore Co., there will be an increase on the tourism tax, and based on what these politicians did here, basically stealing from the education fund.... can you blame anyone for not trusting these goofballs. It pisses me off when politicians on both sides scream and cry education, and then steal from it.
... and corruption affects both wings of politics. Congratulations, you said what everybody knows. You want it to go away? Push for alternative ways to both govern and elect, push for your representatives to do the same Iceland did and let the Interpol hounds search out the shenanigans.

Also, what is the sq. footage of your residence? Right now, my family is living in 2200 sq.ft. (roughly 600 sq. ft is the garage), 3 level town-home.
Oh the imperial system, making me think it's a damn big house only to realize a square feet is roughly 0.09 square meters. So your house is roughly 204 square meters. Mine isn't that far off, it has 192 square meters divided by two levels. I'm counting the garage off since it isn't contiguous with the house.
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