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Re: Naruto_610_Prediction_Thread

Naruto 610: The Kyuubi's complete...

(Madara stands to face the juubi and prepares to attack and seal it, meanwhile obito still neals thinking about kakashi's words)

Naruto: "Oh no, it's been revived... what will we do now?"

Kurama: "Do not worry, it is incomplete so we stand a chance..."

Naruto: "a chance?!?! But...."

Kurama: "ENough naruto! There are still things you do not understand about us bijuu and the sage of six paths split us from the juubi... For instance, I am about half the juubi's full power myself...".

Naruto: "Your half it's power...!!!"

kURAMA: "ABout, yes... However, half my power was sealed by the fourth Hokage, your father... which means I am now closer to 1/4 the juubi's full power... But, the juubi also does not have the hachibi which is a large chunk of power, but not enough for my power to equal the juubi in it's current form... I am only a little weaker then it, but with the hachibi, we should be able to equal it's power so this fight is not over yet..."

Naruto: "Is that all?"

Kurama: " No... You see, the juubi is a being of nature itself... a god that can draw upon it and can thus create it and destroy it as it sees fit... it is the earth, the water, the air..."

Naruto: "Wow, a god of nature... this is really not helping me like I thought it would... where is Bee?

*naruto see's Bee in hachibi mode with pure terror on his face...*

Hachibi: "Damn, I thought I really destroyed it... looks like I will need to combine my power..."

Naruto in full kurama mode comes blitzing in: "With us!!!"

Hachibi: "You guys really ready for this... I figured If we combine our bijuudama's we could over power this thing then land a lethal blow"

Kuramato: "We do not have a choice, we have to try... beside me bee..."

*Both sand side by side and create a bijuudama together that is huge...*

Madara: "Those idiots have no idea do they... looks like I do not have to even get involved until the juubi is done with them..."

*Both fire the huge bijuudama at the juubi while the hachibi attacks from right behind it and kuraama tries to get behind the juubi to attack as well... But the bijuudama stops*

Hachibi: "What happened, it stopped it?!?!"

*The juubi absorbs the bijuudama with the RG's hungry ghost realm ability... as madara looks on, the hachibi attack from in front and the kyuubi from behind... However, their attacks are stopped as well... The hachibi was grabbed up by the throat as the juubi's first 4 tails whipped the kyuubi, knocking him back a couple hundred yard...*

Naruto: "Kurama, wait!!! The way he absorbed that bijuudama and saw us coming from front and behind as if he could see what madara saw... wait, his eye, he has the RG... we cannot use this attacks... Get Bee out of thie he has the power to draw the souls right out of you..."

*Kurama blitzes over to rescue the hachibi, but the juubi snatches the hachibi's soul and power straight from bee, absorbing him and his power...*

Naruto: "we were too late... This is bad, real bad..."

Kurama: "Damn! He has the hachibi's power to now... we do not stand a chance... If only... I had my full power... then we could have a chance again... Even though ninjutsu and close range physical attacks will not work on it... We need so reach that is not pure chakra like me..."

*naruto remembers kurama talking about the juubi as a god of nature that can use it*

Naruto: "Wait a minute... Kurama, if the juubi is a being of nature that can use it's power to create and destroy, then does that mean you are made of the same power, only less...?

Kurama: "well yea... but what does that have to do with... wait.."

naruto: "Kurama, I am a sage who can draw upon the energy of nature to strengthen myself... and if you are already compatible with nature... then I should be able to draw upon a huge amount of nature energy to strengthen you as well... Like a bijuu sage mode...

Kurama: "Your right, that is a good idea, but... what?"

Naruto: "Balancing that much nature energy will be extremely difficult... All my focus will have to be completely on that... if I am to pull this off"...

Kurama: "Then you power us up and I will fight... this isn't over yet"

Naruto: "Ok, this will take a minute, but I will gather and balance as much nature energy as I can..."

Madara: "What are those fools up to... they are just delaying the inevitable at this point"..

*suddenly, the juubi sprints towards naruto and kurama...*

Kurama: "Hurry up, he is coming and he looks pissed..."

Naruto: "Jut a second, just a second... dammit..!!!"

Kurama: "Ahhhhhhhhh!"

*Just as the juubi is about to make physical contact with the kyuubi, it is knocked to the side by a super fast tail whip with a transparent aura surrounding it...*

Madara: "What just happened... did the kyuubi just do what I think it did..."

*The kyuubi is covered in a aura of transparent energy with a golden tent... it's eyes have pigmentation's around them.... and the pupils are frog and kyuubi together...*

Kurama: "few, just in time... this power is incredible... I never imagined it would increase my own power this much... I think I am even more powerful then when I was complete... This is amazing..."

Naruto: "I need to concentrate, but kurama... with the power of pure nature energy like this... you can use it as an extension with your physical attacks and even to sense danger and other attacks from the juubi..."

Kurama: "Then lets finish this then and take out madara in the process"

*the juubi gets up and prepares for another attack, but kurama is the one who blitzes forward with amazing speed, avoids the juubi's counter and gets behind him, landing a claw attack which send sit flying into the rocks in front of him*

Madara: "So this is how it is... Then I guess it is time for me to step in..."

"Not so fast, you should have died when brother released edo tensai so now I have to end you myself..."

*madara turns around to see a young uchiha and Orochimaru standing, posied for battle...*

Sasuke: "It is my brothers will for you to go back to sleep in the other world, and so... it is mine as well..."


Next chapter: "Obito is forced to pick a side while sasuke reveals so truths about madara and akatsuki..."

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