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Re: Naruto_610_Prediction_Thread

A jericho prediction

Naruto : "Jutsu of Legacy"

We see Sasuke is inside the Uchiha hideout with Orochimaru, we see at the entrance Juugo and Sugeitsu.

Orochimaru is preparing something by placing a seal on the ground.

Sasuke," are you ready yet?"

Orochimaru, "still haven't learned patience yet I see? Yes It is ready, are you?"

Sasuke, "..."

Orochimaru makes hand signs, "Time sapce summoning jutsu: beginning of the ninja!"

suddenly a bright light occurs and three silohuettes are seen.

As the light dims there is an older man with two young men on either side of him. The man is the Sage of Six Paths he has grey hair wearing a head peice

ressembling Jaraiya's. It has the Kanji for knowledge on it. he is wearing a red robe with civilian garments under it. His eyes are byakugan colored

background with a RG.

One young man man is dressed in a traditionl working fuedel Japanes man, the colors are blue and white. He ressembles Nagato, has a staff in his hand.

The other young man is dressed in armour of the old days, not quite Samurai but maybe the beginnings of it. He has black hair and ressembles Neji's father

but younger. He has a sword on his side.his eyes are Byakugan.

Sage, "Orochimaru, has it not been long or you still using that technique stay young?"

Orochimaru, "yes it has been a while, lol. I hope I am not interfering with anything."

Sasuke, [why is he talking so different?] You, are you the Sage.."

suddenly Orochimaru puts his hand over his mouth, "no, we have a deal he allows a conversation but only if there is no talk of our present."

Sage, "Orochimaru, it is okay, " time has passed here, they people have started to call me the Sage, lol. But thank you for remembering our deal. we can talk

but I don't want to know my or the world's future and I won't tell you anything that will strike a response ignoring that deal."

The older son,"Hey Oro, remember me? last time I saw you olde man i was a kid. It's me, Sosuke.My eyes have already started to awaken, I can push hard enough

I will be like Dad soon."

Young Son,"That's Uncle Orochimaru? HEy I'm Naruko, I was always with mom, learning stuff.Hey are you okay, you look kinda like a snake, are you the snake

Kings son?"

Sage, "Son, be nice. well what do I owe the pleasure ?"

Sasuke, "I have a question, well maybe a few."

Orochimaru, "well you heard the rules, be careful how your word it. This is not an illusion this is a window in time big enough for sight and sound but not

physical travel. I have learned alot about our history, your history and even..."

Elsewhere see Naruto's face of determination.

"Naruto Uzumaki's Legacy."

All the Copies of Kurama are being attacked bty the tails of the Juubi.

Naruto, "what the hell just happened?!"

Kurama, [it taook all the Bijuudama like the y weren't even there. hmmmm, I forgot to tell you that I have no Idea what it is capable of.]

naruto, "what? How can you not know?!"

Kurama, "when we Bijuu were created we were created from it's chakra, we have no memories of being the Juubi itself.Do you remember what it was like when you

were part of yor Dad?"

Naruto,[that is disgusting, but I see your point. So form what I can see that eye looks like the RG ans dSG put together so I amgoing to assume it is like

fighting Itachi and Nagato at the same time,again.]

Kurama,[seems like a good enough idea to me, go with that.]

Naruto, [you really are going to be no help are you?]

Madara, " this is futile, just hand over the Kyubi so I can complete the Juubi"

Naruto, "hey I just realized something, he wasn't there!"

Madara, "what?"

Kurama, [who, wasn't there? what are you yammering about?]

Naruto, " you know I am not known to be a smart guy, but ever since me and Kurama became friends, I feel like I understand somethings a little better."

Madara, "what is your point? Do you know realize this is stupid?"

Flashback memory of Kakashi talking to Naruto,"Your body is always using chakra to hold back the 9 tails."

Flash back of Kakashi again, "the chakra network is the life force, it is connected to every part of the body"

"just focus more chakra to your feet." tree training flash back

"She focuses her chakra to her hands to increase her strentgh" Jaraiya explaining Tsunade's technique.


Naruto makes a shadow two shaow clones bothin base mode, they both close there eyes.

Madara, "riddles are for children, time to grow up."

The juubi starts to attack Kurama after all the other clones disperse.

Kurama, [why are we just standing here?! move Naruto, move!]

suddenly both clones open their eyes one in sage mode the other disperses.

Naruto, "got it!"

The Juubi tries to strike with a claw when Kuramuto grabs that arm with shocks the Juubi and Madara, he then uses his other hand to punch it twice and then

tosses it, causing Madara to jump off as it lands.

Juubi is shaken, Madara looks up at Naruto forma slight distance.

Kuram, [ whatthe hell just happened?!]

Naruto,loking down at Madara, "you have a fake ten tails!"

Madara, "what?!"

he uses wood jutsu to grow rrots to get to the same level but still sta a distance as the Juubi approaches.

Naruto, "It does have ten ails, yes. It has a super Rg/SG eye, yes. But it only has seven Bijuu inside of it, it's like Kurtama is fighting the seven tails,

no match in their strength!" {last prediction it absorbed Gyuuki}

Madara, looking over at Obito laying in the ink seal{again, happened kast prediction}, "what?!"

Jurama,[dammit thats right, oh one tail wasn't there was he?! I just assumed he was already inside, but why would Obito use 6 and not 7 old jinks? How did

you figure this out?]

Naruto, [thats not all] "you have a weakness in that body, you can be controlled. you need to use the ressurection jutsu.I guess thats why you asked Obito

why he brought you back this way? right? But you can't ressurect yourself, cause Nagato would have done it when he was brought back this way. There is only

one other thing here that has the RG and the chakra to pull it off!"

he points at the Juubi.

Madara, "so you have been playing dumb, yes I need to Juubi to bring me back, then I will become the Ten Tails master and alive again. with all the chakra he

has I can simply command it to bring me back over an dover before I die. Where is the One tails, since you know so much now?"

We are now with Ssauke and Orochimaru.

Naruko," that is a strange question, well I am not old and wise like Dad. But, if my brother hurt others I would bring him to justice, no one is above right

and wrong. In the same respect if he did wrong to accompolish something good inthe end I would find a good way to help him."

Sosuke, "hmmm, well the reason your frinds won't give up on you is because you are brothers. friends,true friends are just the family members that we find

not given to us. He chose you to have a bond with if you have foresaken him and he still calls you friend then he is very honorable and deserves the sae

devotion. I would die for my family, and they would for me."

Sage, "Well. it seems my boys are men, those are wise answers.To answer the questio you posed to me. Well, there is always a person chosen by fait every so

often to maintain the balance of good and evil. There must be balance, without good there is no evil and vice versa, sometimes fait picks more than one.

Sometimes we go a stray, it's okay learn form it, and never be someonelese. It is okay to honor your brother even complete certain wisheshe may have had.

But, if it isn't your way then you shouldn't make it yours. he would always want you to be true to who you are."

Sasuke, "you, all of you are very wise." [this must be before they had their issues.]

Sage, "so here is a question for you. Who are you?" [this boy has evil inside him, but it is not him. As if something is sealed within him, I don't even

think he realizes it.]


Sasuke, "I thought they would be different. But I have my answers."

Juugo and Sugeitsu approach as they come out the hideout.

Sasuke, "let's go."

Voice form off panel, "where to?"

Sasuke, "i am not surprised you showed up..."

We see the persons face.

"Karin Uzumaki."

Karin, "hey how did you...well your sasuke you probably knew the whole time. So it took me a while to find you but once you all go tto gether it was much

easier to sense you. sasuke, you have..."

Sasuke, "not now, we have a war to join...find Naruto."

Naruto is shown fighting Madara at a distance, throwing rasenshuriken but they get absorbed.

Madara, "this can go on forever, with your chakra and my current state, but you will lose."

Naruto, "you keep saying that but I am not convience yet."

He sudenly goes down to base mode, then makes five clones. {total six, the Sage mode clown is still with him}

Naruto, "it's time I unveiled it!"

Kurama, {bout time, I hope it's worth it]

Madara, "more tricks of a child"

flash back:

Jaraiya talking to Minato at a young age, "yep it's a jutsu I been working on, I found it in the forbidden scrolls. It's actually incomplete though, I'm trying to finish it."

-continued below-
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