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Re: Teen commits suicide over Itachi.

... and the top 12 reasons why I need to see the section first in "new posts" to run from this section like the plague it is.

Number 12:
Your kidding right... an ABSOLUTE TONE... You heard me say my typed words in a tone lol????
Tone as in literary term:

Tone: the writer's attitude toward the material and/or readers. Tone may be playful, formal, intimate, angry, serious, ironic, outraged, baffled, tender, serene, depressed, etc.
An absolute tone in literary terms would be either use absolute terms (always, never, everybody, etc.) or the lack of relative terms (maybe, in my opinion, etc.) on opinionated issues. Thinking that tone only refers to the voice is a clear sign of a dumbass.

Number 11
Your so called fallacy of competition is of your own creation...
It's fallacy of composition, dimwit, and, unless you think I rule over Wikipedia, it exists.

Number 10
LAMO, so the fact that we were on topic of Russia, depression of a teen from death of itachi as well as suicide... did not compute in that brain of yours why I was on topic of Russia and nowhere else...???!?!?!
Because you were the one who made the topic about Russia when everyone else was on the topic of suicide? Until that point nobody made a remark about the kid's nationality because everybody knows it's a non-sequitur, including you. That's right, you're such a dumbass that you haven't figured out that I made you admit your remark about the kid's nationality was a non-sequitur and you still preach it like it isn't a non-sequitur. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Number 9

But, you choosing a side through familiarity is an emotional response making it subjective.... The same thing you criticized me for doing...
I criticized you on logical basis, not psychological basis. On logical basis, you can't base an objective argument with a subjective argument without falling into a fallacy. On a psychological basis, that can happen because humans aren't entirely logical. Stop being stupid and start distinguish the instances where a thing is normal in one concept and ridiculous in another concept.

Number 8
Lets face it... Kal said he worked with autistic kids, but comes on here and makes fun of people he believes to be intellectually inferior... that shit is just hypocritical as fuck...
It's not hypocritical because, if kael is being hypocritical by your words, that's because YOU, not him, think that autistic kids are intellectually inferior. That's not what autism is, KYF, autism is characterized heavy difficulties in social interaction, communication and repetitive behavior. Intellectually, autistic kids are the same as regular kids, some are dumb, some are intelligent and most are average, the only difference is autistic kids have much more difficulties in showing their intellect. So kael working with autistic kids has no correlation whatsoever with what he does on this forum, which is calling the bulls by their horns.

So bravo, KYF, your proved once again you're a bigot by judging autistic kids to be dumb when the dumb one in this whole equation is you.

Number 7
We are not talking about watching physical property...
It's called an analogy, dumbass, and once again you flunked at it.

Number 6
Although I do not know you because we are not acquainted in such a way... The many discussions I have had with you tell me allot about you, your behavior, mental processes, ect...
No, they don't. Only a moron who understands nothing of psychology would say that. Those discussions would only serve to assert how I behave when discussing with a complete idiot who doesn't know half the shit he's discussing. You don't know how I behave in other situations because you don't even bother approaching me in other angles, you just bitch because someone dared to prove you wrong and fling psychological jargon like a monkey flings shit in the zoo.

Number 5

SO I can and have tried to help you, giving advice about certain behaviors, but you completely ignored them...
Because they have no psychological merit whatsoever. They're only given when I proved your shit wrong, which indicates they're the byproduct of you not being able to cope with your failures, thus you feel the need to demonize your opponent by making him emotionally flawed and without any merit because he's not thinking straight, despite being bullshit because I'm a very logical person that doesn't resort to such petty tactics.

Number 4

Lol, I am not usually hostile at all... only when you pointlessly, overly insult me as a true bigot do I finally become hostile to the point I have give up on anything other then embarrassing you to try and humble you... It is basic negative reinforcement which fits with your negative behavior...
Oh, that's rich, you're rationalizing your butthurt bitching! Pointlessly insult you? Sorry, you want me to not call you a dumbass after you clearly demonstrating lack of intelligence in such departments as psychology, physics, biology, genetics, linguistics, literary devices and plain common sense and pretending like you're the one who's got it right in those departments? And embarrass me? How can you embarrass me if you can't spend one post without making yourself look like a moron? You should way less preoccupied with knocking me down a peg since I don't need it and you're the one who needs to clean up his act.

Number 3
I never read your manga nor bad mouthed it... That is purely fabricated numi, I know I never said anything about it other then I have never read it...
Your luck is that the post where you bitched the most about my manga was in a thread that was deleted. Your bad luck, however, is that it wasn't a single instance. Search function for the rescue!

Ive taken a look at ur work and its just not my cup of tea. And it is just another dime a dozen fiction, not anything special.
Post #1249 of the "Just a thought thread", if you don't believe me.

For a boy crying "contradictions!", it sure makes me laugh. So which is it, KYF, you never read it and never commented negatively on it or you read it and found it pedestrian?

Number 2:
You are a perfectionist and it carries over to your personality as well which is why when you make a mistake... You seldom ever admit it... You merely try to rationalize or intellectualize them because you try to be perfect....
PFFFT-hahahahaha!!! You complete moron, do you even read what you write? Perfectionists would be the first type of person to admit their flaws because they're their own worst critics! I mean, did you even bothered checking the summary on Wikipedia?

Perfectionism, in psychology, is a personality disposition characterized by an individual striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others' evaluations.
Here's the link for proper reading. And it's right, you should see me write: I can spend entire days on a single paragraph because I think it's flawed. And I've admitted in the AG section that I modified stuff because I thought others would not like it when in fact they would like it. And I'm the first to admit I completely suck at writing action scenes, even though others said they liked them.

And the most hilarious part is, you picked on something another person figured out in 2 hours and you couldn't in 3 years and started pretending you knew about it. And, worst, you tried to link it to your previous erroneous thought I was narcissistic when that's not the case. Wow, what a sore loser.

Number 1
You deem someone who sees things another way as an "IDIOT"... Which is just wrong...
That's a lie.

I've disagreed with Miburo, Mal, Vengeance, AOTK and others and I deem them among the most intelligent people on this forum. You know why? Because they actually put thought on their arguments and properly back them up, unlike other people in this section who say the most stupid things and pretend to know what the fuck they're talking about by copy-pasting Wikipedia and not even bothering to know how to interpret what's in there.

I deem you an idiot because you're an idiot, not because you have a dissimilar opinion. That'd be childish of me.

Oh, and that narcissism bit, was it me who:
  • started a thread by saying something on the lines of "here's a theory for you, fuckers"?
  • called others bully victims with suicidal tendencies after being called something as harmless as "idiot"?
  • never divulged info about myself to the point people don't even know where do I live, despiter everyone else doing it sometimes?
  • is pretending to know anything about Psychology by implying autistic kids are intellectually inferior to other kids and many, many other such instances?
  • told Miburo that he had a lesser reason to be in the forum, being "my" reason making theories and that everyone who doesn't agree with them must be biased on an hater?
Considering I don't really have anything more to say without repeating myself, I'm done in this thread. Adios!
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