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Re: Naruto_610_Prediction_Thread

Scene changes to Naruto & co.

Hashirama: This was the story of we Senju and Uchiha.I considered them as brothers but it was Madara's fault that the hate toward each other began.Now what is your answer boy?

Sasuke: Madara was the reason of all this,it was his fault not Konohas.He will die by my hand.Naruto, let's go now we have work to do.

Naruto: Everybody I'm sorry but I must go...

Minato: made me proud my son.Now go and defear the Juubi

Everybody in unison: Go and show them the Will of Fire!

Naruto/Sasuke: Yes!!!

They go out of the portal but soon after them Orochimaru goes out smiling.He makes a handsign and the portal closes.

Orochimaru: Soon after the war will finish I will make my move kukukuku.

The last scene shows his hands now complete.He got them without noticing from the others.

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