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Re: Naruto_610_Prediction_Thread

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
Question is though when you desummon a body from usage does it mean that same sacrifice is reuseable or was a new one needed.
Appears you didn't read what I said. "Desummoning", I'm guessing that means putting them back in the coffin and taking them from the battlefield, doesn't unbind the soul from the sacrifice. All it does is put the Edo in storage for later use. No new sacrifice is needed to bring them kit again once the ritual is finished.

No he wasn't he was given an advanced body beyond his prime and the way to do that would mean a special sacrifice. Don't believe me check this out.
I'm well aware of what Kabuto said. His "beyond your prime" meant that he restored Madara to his physical youth while maintaining his abilities gained after his fight with Hashirama. The Rinnegan and Mokuton abilities.

Another thing that also has to be considered is when exactly did kabuto consider madara as at his prime state and when were those cells gathered? Was it near the end of his life when he had time for the cells of hashirama in him to mature or was it during the battle of the valley of the end. Then there is also the possibility that these cells may have even been gathered much earlier during the ninja war prior his battle with hashirama
Kabuto gathered the DNA from Madara's corpse. The fact that he found all of these unknowns shows he was capable of locating Madara. So the DNA had elements of Hashirama's DNA.

At this point we do not know when that exact prime is considered. What we do know is he has been brought back at full strength with a younger body, his mind prior to his death, and a special version of the edo that seems to be more advanced than the standard edo. Hell it took extra chakra just to summon him.
The chakra needed for a summon is proportional to the strength of the summon. Madara is extremely powerful so of course more chakra is needed for him. Not to mention Muu was at half chakra levels before summoning because of his splitting. Doesn't mean the sacrifice is yamato.

Again its still theory at this point but it begs the question of what exactly has happened to yamoto since he was in akatsuki hands. My guess is that he has been used as an edo sacrifice.
Yamato was placed in the Zetsu factory hashirama tree thingy to make the Zetsu army more powerful. He's still there last we saw. Remember he was captured AFTER Kabuto summoned Madara as blackmail for Obito.
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