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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

The red-maned deer is an elusive and majestic creature of any forest on this planet earth,
and even of the universe.
She gallops with sweet grace and style in her hooves of twinkling gliter.
Her dazzling coat not only keeps her warm... but keeps her beautiful with sexy flair!

Her shimmering red mane is long and wild and when the beams of sun and moon shine through,
it's god-like - majestic.
She has eyes green, like a slice of lime.
Her snout is so cute, like a hunny or kitten.
And her smile and voice, truly cute, like a sweet newt!

I've dreamt after her for months, keeping observation in camouflage.
She has an interesting family, including her birth mother and a father a step away.
They treat her sadly like a Cinderella, keeping her from seeing her Prince.

Yet the red-maned doe is fully grown, and is very wise and aware of the forest laws.

One day, as I followed, to much my surprise she turns her head and looks directly at me!
I hid for a short moment, until she spoke in my language very clear:
"Come out, come out my dear,
my dear watcher.
I have been very aware of you all these months.
I've watched you as you rested, and dined of the forest fruits,
And write, pen to tree skin.
Please come closer.
Stroke my coat.
And Mane.
Allow me to admire your face,
Close to Mine.

I approached with erect elation,
her coat smooth as silk,
her mane brushing my fingers like a spring breeze.
I looked into her eyes, and she to mine.

Entranced with her temptation and beauty,
I was truly surprised
when she kissed me deep!

And then I kissed her back, and we made truest sweet love!

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