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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

And the second chapter of the Volume nr. 2 it's up. I'm waiting for opinions and criticism. As Kiddjutsu would say: i just added several major twists to the plot. Hope that you'll enjoy it.

Chapter two: The Truth.

The scene shows Arinasa in her cage. She is not able to use any abilities. She is mad but she manages to pose as a calm prisonier. Michael enters the room.

Michael: Hello, Arinasa. How are you today?
Arinasa: What do you want?
Michael: Nothing actually. I just came by to see if you killed yourself.*
Arinasa: My life is too precious to kill myself.
Michael: Too precious for who? For your friends? Who abandoned you? For Vishnu? Who died and failed to protect you?*
Arinasa: For them and for me.
Michael smiles: Listen to me. You had two Eärens as protectors. One...i killed him myself. The second one i got him killed by the Beyonders. The rest of your friends are a bunch of useless immortals. Nobody is coming for you. Nobody knows where you are.
Arinasa: Then why are you keeping me alive?
Michael: Because i want your Azymus.*
Arinasa: Then take it.
Michael remains silent.
Arinasa: You can't just take it, can you? You need me to do something...something that would help you taking it. Well, i'm sorry, Michael. But i won't play your game.
Michael smiles and leaves the room.
Arinasa thinking: Shit...he is right. Nobody can save me. Claude is dead. Most likely Robert didn't survived that blow. The others are useless against Michael. And this cage keeps me from using my seems that this is the end!

The scene shows Robert. He is sitting in a bed and he just woke up. At his side are Leonardo and Darwin.

Robert: What...what happend?
Leonardo: Michael impaled you in the chest with his sword.
Robert: I remember now...but that wound was did you saved me?!?
Darwin exchanges a look with Leonardo, then he answers.
Darwin: It wasn't easy...but we did it.*
Leonardo: took all the knowledge that we have to save you. Now you're fine, but you should rest a couple of hours.
Robert: Ok. Forget it!
He gets off the bed and starts changing his shirt.
Robert: Where is Arinasa?!? Did Michael took her?
Darwin: Unfortunately he did.*
Robert: Fine. Prepare yourselves and let the other know.*
Leonardo: Know what?
Robert with a menacing look: We are going to save her!
Leonardo and Darwin leave the room and they go to speak with the others.
Leonardo: Do you think that...
Darwin stops him: That we should have told him about the one who really saved him?
Leonardo: Yeah.
Darwin: No. He gave us specific instructions that we will not tell Robert about him. Yet.
Leonardo: But why?
Darwin: Because it seems that Robert has a vulnerability that all Eärens posses. It seems that Michael can read another Eären's thoughts while he is in the Celest City. If Michael would know about him...
Leonardo: Michael would kill Arinasa instantly.
Darwin: Exactly. And our minds are shielded it seems. So, for the time being, we will keep Robert in the dark.

The panel it's switched. It shows Robert's castle. A day has passed. They are all gathered in the main yard. Everyone is dressed for battle. Robert appears.

Robert: everyone sure that you want to come with me to the Celest City?
Everyone: Aye.
Robert: I must warn you...most likely, many of us won't return from this. Many of us will die there. So if you want to reconsider...
Henry: Robert...cut the crap please...we are all ready to go and die. We will retrieve Arinasa.
Robert: As you wish then.
Robert claps his hands together and green energy forms between his palms. Then, he places his palms on the ground.
Robert: Sigillanda! Celest civitatem! Portas aperire!!!
From the ground a spiritual majestic gate emerges. Robert pushes it with his hand, revealing a white vortex.
Robert with a determined look on his face: I promised you that i will protect her with me life...well...i'm going to do it!
The last panel shows everyone entering the vortex and vanishing.

The scene it's switched. It shows the Celest City. The city it's located on a plate in the middle of clouds. Skyscrappers are seen. The City has a round shape, with giant defensive walls. In the middle is a tower that has a lightning shape. Vishnu's former tower.

The panel shows Robert, Henry, Isaac, Charles, Harry, Leonardo, Suleyman, Max and Amadeus in front of the city's grand gates. They appeared out of nowhere.

Robert: This is it gentlemen...the Celest City.
Everyone stares amazed at the sight of the City that Vishnu build out of nothing. They witness that power of the Eärens.
Suleyman: Well then..shall we?
Robert pushes the gate and they all enter. Just as they enter in front of them lands a man.
Unknown man: You will all stop right here!
Robert: Hello Julius.
Julius: Robert. I thought that Michael killed you.
Robert: He failed.
Julius: I'm sorry, but you will not pass.
Robert: Julius Caesar. He became an Eären after Yama killed him. That's the requirment of becaming one. You must die first, by the hand of your best friend.
Henry: What's his ability?
Robert: Swords. He is one of the best swordsman that the City has to offer.
Henry as he takes out his reforged Iridium blade: He is mine. Everyone, please proceed ahead. I will face him.*
Robert: Are you sure?
Henry smiling: Yeah. This should be interesting. I have searched for someone that can defeat me in sword fighting.
Robert: Then he is all yours.
Julius: You should know, Robert...i'm not the only one who will encounter your group.
Robert: I know. I would be disappointed if the Celestials wouldn't try to kill us.
Henry makes a step forward.
Henry: Julius Caesar. I am Henry Tudor former King of England. I will be your opponent.
Caesar: Nice to meet you.
Henry as he takes a battle stance: Everyone...go!
The group leaves Henry alone facing Julius Caesar.
Henry: So...Robert said that you are the best swordsman in the whole Celest City. Well, i'm the best on Earth. I think that it will be interesting to see which one of us can prevail.
Caesar: Henry. I'm glad that you came. I haven't had much action in the past centuries, here. I think that you could be fun.
Henry as he prepares to attack: So do i.
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