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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene it's switched. It shows Robert's group advancing through the streets.

Robert:The cells are in the main tower. At the basement. That's where we must go.
Leonardo: Do you think that Henry is going to be ok?
Robert: Only Henry can beat Julius. Henry outranks me in sword fighting. In the meantime, our main concern should be about who lingers around the next corner.
Just as Robert finished saying this, a man lands in front of them. He is a blonde man with blue eyes. Tall. With his hair long, below his shoulders and curly. He is all dressed in white. Behind his back, two giant wings, made of white feathers are seen.Gabriel the Archangel...
Robert: Fuck!
Gabriel: Hello everyone.
Robert: Gabriel...
Gabriel: Robert. I'm amazed that you have dared to come to the City and attack us.
Robert: Well, you took Arinasa. I have to save her.
Gabriel: It's quite foolish of you, if you ask me. You know that we are superior to your power, and yet you chose to come here and attack us. This is an insult, to think that you might actually win.
Robert: It's not an insult, Gabriel. It's an act of bravery.
Gabriel: Call it however you like. But you won't be able to advance. I'm sorry. From the moment that you activated the gate, Michael sensed that you were coming. So he sent me to welcome you.
Robert: I see.
He slowly takes out his sword and smiles.
Robert: Everyone. Please go ahead without me. I will deal with Gabriel.
Gabriel: You don't understand something, Robert. You cannot defeat me. I'm sorry. They can proceed, but they won't make it. After i'm done with you i will go after them.
Robert: You heard him. Go ahead. He will not harm you.
Gabriel smiles: I will not harm you now. You can go. I will be with you in a matter of moments.
Newton: Robert...
Robert: There is no argument here. Go and save Arinasa. I told you where the cells are. Go, and save her. Harry, you memorized the incantation for opening the gates right? You will just change the Celest Civitatem with Terra. You will be able to reach Earth after you saved her.
Harry: Rogered.*
Robert: Suleyman...i leave the command to you. Now go!
Everyone leaves the scene, heading for the main tower.
Robert is shown preparing himself to fight the Archangel.
Gabriel: Don't be a fool. Put your sword down, and i woll spare your life, Robert...
Robert: You know that i cannot do that, Gabriel.
Suddenly Robert activates his Secundo. His outfit changes.He is now wearing green boots, with a black jumpsuit, green arm plates, on his chest he has a green plate. His hair is now spiked and his eyes are determined.
Robert: Blade of Athena...Secundo release...
Gabriel smiles.*
Gabriel: You cannot defeat me with your abilities. I'm sorry, Robert.
Robert: You see, in the Celest City, i can finally use the Secundo release at its fullest. I can use my special ability without the necessary conditions that i have on Earth.
Robert suddenly places two fingers on his blade.
Robert: Blade of Athena...the Balance of Truth!
Suddenly the scene starts spinning with the two men. They instantly find themselves located in a different dimension. A giant balance made of gold appears in front of them.
Robert: Welcome to my dimension, Gabriel.
Gabriel looks curious but not worried around him.
Gabriel: Interesting. What is this place?
Athena's voice: Welcome. I will be your judge today.*
Gabriel: Judge?
Robert: Athena will ask us three questions. You have to answer them Gabriel.
Gabriel: It's fine with me.
Athena: Very well. Question number one. Robert. How do you feel about Arinasa's former insubordonation?
Robert: I was mad at that moment. Because i realised that she is growing and soon she will no longer listen to what i have to say. Because i realised that she finally got a grasp of her real potential and that she will eventually reach the conclusion that she can take her own decisions without involving me anymore.
Athena: Gabriel. Question number one for you. How do you feel about Michael giving you orders?
Gabriel: Sometimes, i feel a bit frustrated, but he is my older brother so i must listen to him.
Athena: Question number two. Who do you respect the most? For both of you.
Robert: Vishnu.
Gabriel: Vishnu.
Robert shocked: You respect...Vishnu?!?
Gabriel: Of course. He had the courage to do what he thought that it was the right thing to do. He assumed his liberty and stand with his principles until the very end. Plus, he died honorably. Few gods can die with such elegance.
Athena: Question number three. Robert...would you ever betray Vishnu? Even if he would have chosen to do the wrong thinga.
Robert with a determined look: No. I would not.
Athena: Gabriel...would you ever betray Michael if he would make a wrong choice?
Gabriel hesitates for a second then he answers: No. I wouldn't.
Athena: Very well. The answers have been given. Robert was honest, while Gabriel said one lie. You lied, Gabriel, when you said that you won't betray Michael.
Gabriel: So now what?
Robert: This is my ability. Athena will ask you three questions...if you lie i win. Your Azymus gets drained and she gives it to me. And then i kill you. So...unfortunately have lost. Now you will die!
Gabriel starts laughing: Amazing ability. I never knew that something like this even existed. But i won't die. I'm sorry.*
Gabriel simply waves his hand and the whole dimension gets shattered like glass. Athena releases a scream, while Robert stares shocked.
Gabriel: Did you really thought that you could keep me there? It was fin to witness your ability, but i'm sorry. I won't die so easily.*
Robert barely has time to see how Gabriel dashes towards him. After that, everything goes black.

The panel shows Henry fighting Caesar. They are clashing with furry. Swing after swing, Henry gets pushed back by Caesar. Suddenly they take a small break.

Henry: You're quite good.
Caesar: I'm impressed that you managed to keep up with me so far. But i will end this!
Suddenly Caesar dashes towards Henry trying to impale him. Henry dodges, spins and catches Caesar's sword between his body and his arm. With his left hand he pierces Caesar's chest.
Henry: Fool. You were not even a challange to be fair.
Caesar falls to the ground, dead. Henry takes out his sword and looks towards the City.
Henry: Now...i must find the others...

The panel shows the rest of the group heading towards the tower. Suddenly from behind, a powerful light is seen.

Leonardo: That's where we left Robert!
Darwin: Quickly everyone! Get on battle positions!*
Suleyman: What happend to Robert?!?
Suddenly Gabriel's voice is heard.
Gabriel: He lost.
Everyone is shocked. In the middle of the group, Gabriel appeared. They barely have time to react. Newton, Mozart, Leonardo and Darwin are trying to get out their pistols, but before they even managed to reach into their coats they got thrown on their backs by Gabriel. Houdini claps his hands and summons several snakes that he throws at the god. While the snakes were in mid-air, Gabriel only looks at them, and the creatures burst into flames. Then, he waves his hand and Houdini falls on the ground unconcious. Suleyman attempts to slash Gabriel with his sword, but he fails. Gabriel simply touches Suleyman's forehead with one finger. The Sultan falls on the ground. Gabriel heads towards Max. The latter activates his shield, trying to protect himself.
Gabriel: Interesting. An Azymus shield. But it cannot protect you boy.*
Gabriel touches the shield with a finger. The shield explodes, throwing Max on his back and rendering him unconcious.
Gabriel: And with is done.

The scene it's switched. It shows Arinasa in her cell. She is slowly losing her energy. She started kicking and hitting the walls a while ago, trying desperatly to find a breach, but she soon found out that her energy was quickly depleted. Michael enters the room and throws a look at her.

Michael: Amazing. Look at're almost dead.
Arinasa: Bastard...what have you done to me!?!
Michael: I took your Azymus. The more that you struggled to get out, the more i drained your energy. And is over. You can barely stand on your feet.
Arinasa: But...why do you want my energy?!?
Michael smiles: I have a reason. Your Azymus is special. You never wondered how a mere human could aquire powers? How a mere human has the potential to bring down our lives?
Arinasa: No...
Michael: It doesn't matter anymore. I have news for you anyway...your friends...came to rescue you. I'm sorry to tell you that they all lost. They are all my prisoniers. Also i'm done with you. You will be executed tomorrow morning alongside with your friends. I will finally get rid of everyone.*
Arinasa with anger: Fuck you bastard!
Michael starts laughing and he leaves the room.
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