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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel it's switched. It shows the main square in the Celest City. A day has passed. Ten meters above the ground, on a plate, *nine people are lined up. Leonardo. Harry. Amadeus. Charles. Suleyman. Isaac. Max. Robert. Arinasa. They are all dressed in white robes. *The square is filled with Duodenaes and Eärens. Everyone came to assist the execution. Michael is right next to them, having a sword in his hand.

Michael: Citizens of our proud City! These traitors dared to come here and attack us! But we defeated them. We proved that we are better. They came here with the intent to kill us and destroy our lives. The girl is part of a prophecy! A prophecy that says that in the future, this girl will bring down our City! And us with it! Well, i will not allow this to happen! That's why...i will execute them myself, here, today!!! Starting with the core of our threat!

Arinasa is brought forward by an invisible energy. She struggles but she cannot release herself.
Michael as he prepares to decapitate her: Any last words?
Arinasa: Michael...your arrogance is what will kill you. Even if it's not by my will die. Eventually.*
Michael smiles: I will never die, foolish girl. Never.*
Unknown voice heard only by Arinasa: I wouldn't be so sure...
Michael makes a step back and slashes towards Arinasa's neck. The only sound heard is of metal hitting the ground.The panel shows a disturbing scene. A man, dressed entirely in black, with his black hair slicked back, caught Arinasa in his arms away from Michael.A man that is tall. The look in his eyes is determined. A superior smile is seen on his face. He finally returned to the Celest City. His final plan worked for him, not against him. He laughed in front of the death and emerged victorious from the clash with it. He is standing tall, proud and dominant. He finally returned...and he throws a menacing gaze at Michael.
Michael shocked and confused: IMPOSSIBLE!!! You shouldn't be alive!!! I saw...i saw...!!!
Claude smiling with superiority: How the Axis Mundi destroyed me? You saw what i wanted you to see. That's the difference, Michael. Now...i am back. And i am here to make sure that you will fall.
Arinasa looks shocked at Claude: this a dream?
Claude: No my love. It's not a dream.*
Claude puts her down and takes a menacing posture.
Michael: I don't should be dead! No Eären should have the ability to survive the Axis Mundi!!!
Claude: You're right. No Eären has that ability. Now...if you don't mind...
Claude claps his hands together and in the middle of his palms something is forming. Claude summons his blade, Sciffer. He looks at Arinasa.
Claude smiling: Thank you for looking after my sword. If you'll excuse me a moment, i have something to finish here.
Michael: you want to fight me, Vishnu?!?
Claude: No Michael. I don't want to fight you. My only intention is to take your life. That's it.
Michael reveals his blade and shouts: Then come and get it!
Michael places his palm on his blade and screams: Angelic Blade! Secundo release!
From his back giant feather wings emerge. His attire it's switched. Now he is enveloped in a pure, white light. Even his sword is made out of white energy.
Michael: I was never defeated in this form. Even a Beyonder would have trouble beating me right now. You stand no chance, Vishnu!!!
Claude remains still at his place, as he watches Michael's power.
Michael releases a wave attack from the sword towards Claude. When the beam comes near to him, Claude simply cuts it in half with his sealed Sciffer.
Michael shocked thinking: What the?!? He is not even in Tertia! How could he...!?!
Claude: Come on, Michael. That's all you got?
Michael thinking: I will not fool around anymore. I will hit him with my best attack and end this!
Michael jumps into the air and claps his hands shouting. From the ground, a pillar of white emerges and hits him. From the sky another pillars comes down and hits him. Michael points his hands at Claude.
Michael shouts: LUX AETERNA!!!
Michael absorbs the two beams that are enveloping him and releases them towards Vishnu. As they are coming closer and closer, the beams eradicate everything in their path. Claude is shown placing one finger on Sciffer.
Claude: Sciffer...Secundo Release!
Claude erupts in a burst of light. Then he is seen wearing a white shirt with white pants and so on. His hair has now white stripes in it.
Claude simply awaits for the beam to be near him, then he cuts through the middle of it with his sword. He makes it look very easy, as he didn't even blink.
Michael lands on the ground shocked.
Michael: Impossible!!! You should be dead!
Claude: I should, but i am not. You are a moron, Michael. You think that you can defeat the founder of the Celest City in his own domain. Now, you have a choice. Either you throw away your weapon and surrender yourself. Either i kill you. It's that simple.*
Michael starts laughing maniacally: Fuck you Vishnu! You were always so always had that superior glare when you looked at me! I'd better die than surrender to you!
Michael dashes in a furious attempt to kill Vishnu. Claude looks at him. Sadness is in his eyes.
Claude: As you wish then.
The scene shows only how Claude raised a bit his foot from the ground. The next instant he appeard 10 meters behind Michael with his sword raised and stained with blood. Michael is shown. Slowly a red line forms accros his chest. A line of blood. He falls on his knees.
Michael to himself: This a will learn pretty soon...Vishnu...that...i was the smallest of your threats...
Michael finds energy to clap his palms one more time and place them on the ground.*
He whispers the incantation so nobody can hear him.
Michael: Portas Inferi. Aperire!
Vishnu turns around and looks at Michael. He didn't notice that Michael actually did something.
Claude: It seems that your last attack won't work. You are dead Michael.
Michael with his last smile: The sky...shall fall...Vishnu....
With those said, Michael the leader of the Celest City passed away.
The panel shows Vishnu turning around and looking at the crowd gathered there.
Claude with a mighty voice: CITIZENS OF THE CELEST CITY! Your true leader is back. Do you accept me once again as the ruler of the City?*
The crowd remains silent for a moment, then one of them makes a step ahead.
Claude: And you are?
Unknown man: My name is Krishna. I am the leader of the Blue Guard. I want to tell you something, Lord Vishnu. We are all under your command. The military power of the City recognizes you once more as its leader.
With those said, everyone bows before Vishnu. He looks at them with compassion.
Claude: Thank you...all of you...
Henry is shown coming out of the crowd and kneeling before Claude
Henry: My Lord...we are happy to see you well.*
Claude: Thank you Henry. Now come! Let's release our friends.

The panel it's switched. It shows Claude walking the grand hallway of the tower, towards the Council room. Robert, Henry, Newton, Darwin, Houdini, Leonardo, Suleyman, Mozart, Max and Arinasa are coming behind him. Claude stops in front of the giant doors and he slowly pushes them. The Council room it's revealed. At a table, three people are seen. Gabriel, Hades and Brahma.

Claude: Gabriel. Hades. Brahma. I have returned.
Hades: Hello Vishnu. Welcome back.
Gabriel: Vishnu...
Brahma faking his emotions: Vishnu! Long time no see! It's good to have you back!
Claude smiles: I have defeated Michael. And i have resumed my position as the leader of the City.*
Brahma: Vishnu...if you don't did...
Claude: How did i survive? Obviously i won't share that with you, Brahma. I can see through your lies. I'm sorry, but you're no longer required.
Claude releases from his palm a lightning. As the lightning comes closer to Brahma, it divides into three seperate beams. The beams strike Brahma's heart, head and chest. The god is left on the ground, dead.
Hades: Lord Vishnu, please spare me! I never plotted against you!
Claude smiles and waves his hand: Both of you...leave the room. I will spare your lives, for now...
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