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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Gabriel and Hades get up and leave the room. Claude turns around and looks at his friends.*
Claude: Hello, everyone...
Robert still shocked: How comes that you're still alive?!? How can you be alive?!? I saw how the Axis Mundi obliterated you! And why did you hide yourself from us for two years?!? Two years!*
The panel shows Arinasa's face as Robert asked those questions. She has a mixture of confusion, shock and anger on her expression.
Claude: One question at a time, Robert.*
Robert angry: Then answer!
Claude: I wasn't killed by the Axis Mundi. Only my body was destroyed. The Axis Mundi is supposed to destroy also my soul, and forever. But it didn't work on me. They didn't have enough power to do that.
Robert: The Beyonders? Are you saying that the Beyonders didn't have enough power to obliterate an Eären?
Claude: Something like that. Anyway...i was suspended between worlds for a couple of months. I saw my entire life. I saw my mistakes. And i saw my flaws. When i managed to accept the man that i really was, i also reached a point where i could simply return. Just like that. And i did. I woke up a year and half ago somewhere in Australia.*
Robert: A year and a half ago! You could have returned to us!
Claude: Not exactly. I observed you from the distance. I saw that several other people were observing you. I kept my distance. I watched over you, waiting for something.
Robert: Other people...observing us?
Claude: Do you think that you were left alone by Michael? That he allowed you so easily to train Arinasa? His plan was in motion. He wanted to let Arinasa grow so he can steal her Azymus. Her power is a bit special. I don't know why, or for what Michael wanted to use it. But he failed. I managed to stop him.
Robert: But i still don't understand why didn't you communicate with me?!?
Claude: Because Michael can read an Eären's mind. That's why. If he would have known that i am still alive, he would have unleashed a war on Earth. Something that nobody wished.
Anyway, i communicated with the other before you came here.
Robert shocked: What?!? When!?!
Claude: I was the one that saved your life.*
Robert: I...thank you...
Claude: You're welcome. So, as i was saying...i watched over you. I saw Arinasa's fight with Flamel. I was ready to jump in but i managed to refrain myself. And then when i saw Michael abducting her, i decided that it was the best thing to do, because it would have allowed me to sneak into the City. Michael's attention would be kept on Arinasa. And now...we have regained the Celest City.
Robert: Which is great, Claude...but i don't understand something. How would having the City, helps us with the Prophecy?
Claude smiles: For the Prophecy to accomplish, there are several other things that need to be done. It's not just like that.*
Suddenly Arinasa approaches Claude. Her face is positioned at the ground, so he cannot see her eyes. She gets near him and remains silent.
Claude with regret: I'm sorry love...but it had to be done...
Arinasa barely speaking: You're sorry?
Suddenly she makes a step back, and gives Claude a punch covered in Azymus. He gets throwed on his back. He gets up confused.
Arinasa turns around and leaves the room crying.
Claude: I deserved that...
Leonardo: She will get over me...i never saw her that happy in the past two years.

The scene it's switched. It shows the Celest City a few hours later. The main square suddenly gets hit by a powerful white light. Five men emerge from the light. All dressed in white. Jesus. Mohammed. Moses. Buddha and Amaterasu.

Suddenly Vishnu lands in front of them.
Claude: The Beyonders.*
Jesus: Vishnu. We are here to talk.
Claude: It seems so. Come on. Follow me to the Council Room.
Claude leaves the main square with the five Beyonders. This is a rare sight. The Beyonders, all of them, never came to the City before.

The panel shows Claude entering with the Beyonders in the Council Room. Robert is there with Arinasa, Max and Leonardo.

Claude: Everyone. Out. Now.
Arinasa: Claude? What does this mean?
Claude: Arinasa get out now.
Arinasa protesting: But...
Her mouth gets covered by Robert's hand. He pushes her towards the door and the four people leave the room.
Arinasa bursts on the corridor.
Arinasa: What the hell was that Robert!?! He cannot order us around like that!
Robert: That was actually one of the moments that you are supposed to just shut up. Do you know who those people behind him are?
Arinasa: I do not.
Robert: Mohammed. Amaterasu. Buddha. Jesus. Moses. The five Beyonders.
Arinasa shocked: The Beyonders?!? What on earth are they doing here?!?
Robert nervous: I don't know...
Leonardo also nervous: But this could get ugly...

The panel shows the Council Room. Claude sits at the table with the five Beyonders.

Claude: Jesus. Mohammed. Buddha. Amaterasu. Moses. Welcome to the Celest City. I think that this is a premiere...having all of you gathered here at the same time.
Jesus: Indeed. It is. We have a reason for coming here.
Claude: I thought so. This obviously isn't a curtosy visit. Considering that you tried to kill me.
Mohammed: Because you became dangerous.
Claude with a menacing look: Did you really thought that the Axis Mundi will be enough to eliminate me? You should know better.
Amaterasu: Maybe we should have another shot then.
Jesus: Calm yourselves down. We won't attack Vishnu again. I'm sorry, Vishnu, it was a mistake from our side.
Claude: Indeed. So, what do you want? Why are you here?
Mohammed: We decide if we will support you or not.
Buddha: That's why we have gathered here today. To discuss in front of you our decisions.*
Moses: We thought that making a decision as a group will affect the world. Because of that, we will make decisions, individually. It's better for everyone.
Claude: I'm all ears.
Jesus: I declare myself neutral. I don't want to be a part of this war.
Mohammed: So do I. I belive that it's for the best.
Amaterasu: I am against Vishnu's regime. I will not allow him to destroy our way of life.
Moses: I stand with Vishnu.
Buddha: I choose neutrality. It's the best call right now.
Claude: Interesting. So Amaterasu is against me and Moses is at my side.
Jesus: It means that probably a war will take place. That's a fact.
Claude: Indeed. I will not abandon my quest.
Mohammed: Vishnu...i know your true plan. The's not about destroying the gods forever. It's an entirely different thing. It's about your brother. And you.*
Claude with a menacing glare: So what?
Mohammed: So why are you deceiving the girl?*
Claude: You know why.
Mohammed: I know your plan. You want to make her kill your brother. You know that if you die by his hands, the pain that she will feel will trigger her powers. And she will obliterate him. Something that you were not able to do. But don't you think that it's a risky gamble?*
Jesus: Mohammed is right. We all know that your brother, the Bringer of Chaos...will return at some point. And that you cannot kill him. Neither of us can, actually. But do you think that leaving the fate of the world in her you think that it's worth the risk?
Claude: I do think so.*
Buddha: So if the Bringer of Chaos murders you...
Claude: Her latent powers will awake. That will be the end. The Prophecy shall be completed. He will fall. You all know what happend to me because of him. You all know that when i became the Dark General, none of you could stop me. I killed Osiris without sweating.*
Moses: That's true. But how do you know that the Primordial Azymus is inside her?
Claude smiles menacing: Because it's an information that i have access to.
Amaterasu suddenly shocked: Only the...
Claude: Exactly. Only the one that met the Supreme Being can know this.*
Buddha: It's interesting. But you should know something new.
Claude: What?
Jesus: In his final moments...Michael unleashed something.
Claude confused: Unleashed something?
Jesus with sad eyes: He opened a certain gate...a gate that was keeping someone locked...
Claude suddenly understands what Jesus is talking about and he is shocked.
Mohammed: Indeed. He is free once again.*
Claude: It means that my plans have changed. Radically.
The Beyonders suddenly get up.
Moses: We will leave now. You know where we stand. I will support you with ever you want. Just let me know.
Claude: Aye...thank you for the update about opening those gates. Now i need to change everything. Oh and...Amaterasu...
Amaterasu: What?
Claude smiles menacing: Meet me on the battlefield when yo're ready!
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