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Re: Naruto_610

Two things that stood out to me other than what's already been said. Obito questioning if he gave the jubii too much consciousness. Does that mean they'll loose control soon? Since madara and obito are having some issues w/ each other I wouldn't b surprised if madara just tries to take control of it himself n that'll mke obito switch sides. The second thing was on the second to last page where kakashis like "...I'm going" was that him announcing his attack? Or was that him noticing he's going blind?

Anyway the chap was kind of interesting to me jus cause of the lil Convo obito and madara had. Obito called him a kid. I'm surprised madara didn't back-hand him real quick LOL. I can see madara saying fck the moons eye plan...I'm immortal, I have the jubii, ill jus rule THIS world! We'll see......

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