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Re: Naruto_610

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Why wouldn't it fit Kakashi's style when Kakashi is supposed to be a man of 1000 jutsu? I'm actually surprised Kakashi hasn't at least mentioned it to Naruto at this point. It also leads to some interesting dialog between Kakashi & Obito if Kakashi defeats Obito by using their sensei's jutsu. Obito would be like impossible how could trash like you use FTG(!) right before dieing.

PS: A chakra reasoning behind why he didn't use it before is totally reasonable.
Well, I say it isn't his style because his style is a test from a distance and strike style. That's what Naruto got from him.
Example: Uses a clone to fight the enemy initially to gauge(test) their abilities. Strike with counter tactic.

Minato used FTG as a strike-test and counter style.

Example FTG into the situation for a strike, which at the same times tests them IF they defend against it.
Much like when he tried to get the drop on Bee, but Bee was quick enough to defend it.

It's like this I see Kakashi using it as a counter or last resort thing.

where Minato used it as part of his fighting style. Much like Naruto infused Shadow clone into his, neither one of them have(until Sage mode) had long range jutsu.

So Minato uses his FTG to replace long range jutsu and Naruto uses deception /shadow clones.

Kakashi has long range and short range jutsu, it wouldn't fight into his style, much like the majority of his copied jutsu. He uses them IF the situation calls for it,ONLY.

PS. thank you for agreeing with me on the chakra thing.
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