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Re: Naruto_611_predicts

Alliance shinobi are shown jumping from tree to tree as they feel powerfull vibration and after schockwave comming to them force them to stop runing and protect yourself with all jutsu.

Everyone: We will get there soon.
Everyone: ?!

Forest and everything around is suddenly blown and pushed away straight at Alliance shinobi comming.

Darui: Shit!!!
Kitsuchi: earth release: earth gate!
rookies: ARGH!!!! *Damn it, at this rate we will never go to Naruto, these monster powers are still comming!*

Elsewhere Sasuke and Orochimaru are shown jumping from tree to tree as we see fragments of Konoha buildings ahead of them.

Sasuke: *I wonder what Naruto is doing now...*
Orochimaru: We are almost there, Sasuke.
Sasuke(cut from his thinking): ?!, finally(smirks).

Suddenly Taka and Orochimaru feel powefull vibration reaching them, so they have to land on ground and defend yourself against weak schockwave reaching so far.

Sasuke: What is that ?!
Orochimaru: No way?!
Suigetsu: argh!!
Jyuubi gah!!

Karin is shown close to rest of Taka team and Orochimaru, while she protect herself under tree from schockwave comming in her way.

Finally scene switches back to Jyuubi.

All battlefield is covered by dust floating everywhere after powerfull explossion Jyuubi created. Naruto is shown in Kurama form whit Gai and kakashi while Madara appear slowly, as his cells body slowly appear, connecting with itselves as Obito appear from vortex. Madara and Obito looks serious with their Rinnengans glowing.

612 - The truth is revealed

I rushed a little, so it is not my best prediction probably, but at least I tried my best to create good prediction, so please enjoy reading it.

I wanted to create more action packed prediction than dialogs but I hope it is good to read

I am open on criticsm, so please give me comments what I need to change or what makes you enjoy reading.

Do you want me to continue my next predictions??

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