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Re: Bleach 517

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
About the back and forth they had with Soifon, I'm with her. I don't care what their job description entails, if they are so powerful and saw that SS was about to be destroyed wouldn't it make more sense to minimize casualties by helping ? If all forces were to get decimated it would leave them without a line of defense.
I completely disagree with you about this. If there were a riot in Washington D.C., you wouldn't tell the Secret Service officers to leave the presidents side to go help to local cops. If anything that just a bigger reason for them to not leave his side.

What if the Quincy had developed their own way of entering the Kings Palace that nobody new about and only invaded SS as a mean of distracting the Zero Squad so another Quincy Team could kill the King while he's undefended. I'm not saying that's the plan, but people in their positions have to think about all the possibilities, and take cautions against these things.

Also what would happen if the Quincy had stole the powers from Zero Squad? SS (and the rest of the universe) would be completely beyond fucked. Perhaps some counter measure against them will now be developed that will give the Zero Squad (and the rest of SS) an edge in the next battle that they would have lacked had they come in and fought (and horribly died) in the last fight.

Originally Posted by Stars View Post
Overall I'm liking this arc a lot. I don't think the Zero Squad guy was downplaying Unohana's skill when he said her job isn't to heal anymore, rather that they're going to need her to fight. And I expect she'll be very powerful.

The guy flat out said Byakuya will die if he stays there, and that Unohana couldn't heal those people but he could. The arrogant way in which he was talking to Unohana was clearly meant to be condescending and degrading.

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