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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Marara Itachi and Sasuke wouydl mop the floor with Hashirama Minato and Jiraiya Madaras perfect susanoo cuts through mountains J-man is dead, Itachi can stop Hashirama with Genjutsu and nullify his wood techs with Amaterasu and Sasuke fights Minato until Madara comes to finish him

and Naruto looses to J-man and minato not because of lack of power but because he's a moron and he's dealiong with a genius .. J-man stands back and watches and yells from far off "hey Minato I left and came back with some of kushina's cookies" Minato. cookies you say" warps- Damn these are good telleports while munching on cookie and hits naruto in the face with rasengan
Keep in ind Both Madara and Itachi are teh living versions NOT EDO.

So no Senju DNA or endless chakra. Vision and illness are still a factor.
#1. Madara has admitted Hashi was the only one that can beat him. Nuff Said.

#2. Itachi has already admitted J-man's power, keep in mind the Sanin were the most powerful in the village for generations. Obvious Kage choices, remember, except Oro.

#3. Minato wouldn't allow an Uchiha too gain any Genjutsu advantage. Sasuke isn't used to someone being that fast and smart.

Keep in mind all three of these Ninja are well educated on Uchiha. Hashi has fought and defeated the most sinister and powerful before. J-man had full knowledge of Itachi's capabilities but showed no fear in fighting him and Kisame at the same time. Where Kakashi in Part I rather not fight Itachi at all. Minato was a genius he was considered the best in the village Uchiha clan included.

Naruto versus the father and Godfather.

Yeah he would lose because they would both figure he is Uber powerful and they should end it quick.

I just don't think it would be so easy. He has Mastered Sage mode and Kurama mode. Naruto is an excellent tactician, even better when he is fighting solo.


1st fight Hashi.
2nd fight draw OR J-man, due to the blindness of Itachi.
3rd fight Minato.
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