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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Chapter three: Friend or enemy?!?

The panel shows Robert's castle. Vienna. Everyone gathered there and they are holding a council.

Leonardo: So...what should we do?
Darwin: For the time being, we cannot do anything.*
Newton: It seems that Claude's betrayal destroyed what was left of the Resistence.
Houdini: Claude...was the Resistence.
Henry: We cannot go down. We must do something. Don't tell me that all our struggle was in vain...
Suleyman: It seems so.
Mozart: I...i am so angry...i cannot belive that he simply tossed us away.
Max: Did we ever mean anything to him?
Robert and Arinasa remain silent as the group discuss.
Henry: I propose this: why don't we hunt down the enemy Aerhis and Duodenae? You know, like Freud, Rasputin and why not...Flamel. That should give us something to do, until we figure it out what will we do against Claude.
Darwin: It's actually a good idea...
Robert sighs: No it's not...don't you see...we have...lost the war. We have lost everything that we stand for. Claude was our leading flame. He was the reason why we all kept going even though the threats were great. Now...what are we fighting for? Tell me...if any of you holds the answer, please share it with me. What are we fighting for anymore? We were used...we meant nothing to him. I cannot belive what he just did. I cannot accept it. I don't want to accept it. But i will have to deal with it. It's my own problem. My advice to you: go and live your lives. Be free. Forget about everything. Because if we keep going forward, at a certain point we will all die. You saw what happend in the Celest City. We were this close to get killed. We barely escaped. We are no match for the likes of Claude. Not even me, an Eären. I am far from his level. That's life. I accept my condition.
Darwin slams his fist into the table: Are you telling me Robert that i should simply walk away from this?!? I'd rather die fighting those bastards than be a coward!
Robert gets off his chair angered: You are not a coward if you acknowledge your level! You'd rather die fighting who?!? Gabriel? Claude? They would simply tear you apart in an instant? And tell me, Charles...what purpose will have your death at that moment? Do you think that it will inspire anyone?*
Darwin: Fuck you Robert. If you want out, just say it. But don't put me in the same boat with you! I will stand for my principles! And if anyone wants to kill me because of them, let them come! I'm waiting!
Robert: You're an idiot, Charles. You don't grasp the gravity of the situation!
Darwin: Oh, come on Robert. Just admit it! You're afraid of death. We all see this clear enough!
Robert, nervous, punches the table, breaking it: Of course that i'm afraid of the fucking death! You know what's for us, the Eärens after we die?!? I will tell you...nothingness! Void. Empty space. Oblivion. That awaits me. Do you think that i will waste my life so easily? For what?
Darwin: Then tell me what are you living for then!*
Robert is shocked by Darwin's statement, and it's seen on his face.
Darwin continues: All you life, you stand at Vishnu's side! You aided him! His dream became yours! Now you want to abandon?
Robert shouts: My world just shattered! The dream that you are talking about...guess what? I just learned that it was a lie! That i belived in a lie! My entire life is a mistake! How do you think that i feel? I have two choices here...either i forget everything about this and i live an eternity regretting what i have done, or i go with you to war against the Celest City and oblivion awaits me! Try to place yourself in my shoes for a minute Charles!
Darwin: Did you ever considered winning?!?
Robert laughs: Winning?!? Do you realise what you are talking about? Are you insane? You never saw Claude at full power. We are mere bugs compared with him! Should i remind you that he killed a Beyonder? A fucking Beyonder! Without sweating his ass!*
Darwin remains silent.
Robert: And you want me to go against a monster like him? Get real, boy. I have lived 10 times more than you did. I'm not a child so you would lecture me. *
Robert turns around and leaves the room, slaming the door while he gets out.
Darwin gets down in his seat.
Darwin: He is right...
Leonardo: No he is not right. We must fight.
Arinasa: Guys...calm down a little. Let me ask you all a question. Claude's powers are above ours, right?
Suleyman: No doubt about this.
Arinasa: So...why did he bothered fighting us back in the Celest City?
Mozart: I don't get it...where are you going with this?
Arinasa: Well...for a moment it seemed like he was really sorry about fighting us. Like he was hiding something.
Henry: might be true. Knowing Claude...he always kept a secret or two from us.
Harry: But going so far this time...
Max: It means that maybe it's more than it meets the eye.
Newton: Maybe he is protecting us from something...i don't know...
Arinasa with determination: Either way...we must find out! We must confront him!
Leonardo: Arinasa...think about this...if we confront him, he won't tell us. I think that you might be right. But the best decision right now is to wait. Let's ask Robert.
Suleyman: I will go after him.
-20 minutes pass-
Suleyman gets into the room sweating.
Suleyman: I cannot find Robert anywhere!
Leonardo: Maybe he went for a walk or something.
Suleyman: I don't think so...i felt something strange when i got into his room and i checked if any technique was used. A large quantity of residual Azymus was there. Shaped as a...
Darwin suddenly understands: Shaped as a portal!!! He went to the Celest City! He is going to try to kill Claude!
Newton: We must hurry!
Harry: He taught me the incantation for opening the gates!
Leonardo: Wait. We are not going all. Harry is going with Suleyman with Charles, Max and with Me. Henry, Amadeus, Isaac,and Arinasa will stay here.*
Arinasa: I want to go too!
Amadeus: No! If Claude really betrayed us, you are not safe there. Let them go. You will stay here. I'm sorry.
Arinasa: But!?!
Leonardo: I'm sorry but there is no argument here, Arinasa.
Houdini quickly charges his hands with his Azymus then he places them on the ground.
Houdini:*Sigillanda! Celest civitatem! Portas aperire!!!

The scene it's switched. It shows Robert walking on the streets of the Celest City alone. People are getting out of his way. Suddenly another Eären lands in front of him.

Robert: Get out of my way. Now.
Unknown: I'm sorry, but i cannot do that.
Robert: I am going to count to three. If you don't get out of my way, i will eviscerate you.
Unknown: I'm sorry Lord Robert...but i'm here to take you to Lord Vishnu. That's my mission.
Robert: Interesting. So he already knows that i'm here. Fine, take me to him. What's your name?
Unknown: I'm Anubis my Lord.
Robert:'re an egyptian Eären, right?
Anubis: Exactly.
Robert smiles: Extraordinary. I'm from Egypt too. *From the period when Osiris was alive. I was present at the battle between him and Vishnu.
Anubis: I was a newborn then, my Lord.
Robert: Interesting...but why are you calling me Lord?
Anubis confused: But...that's your rank!
Robert: Aham. Well then...take me to Vishnu.
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