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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Robert. He is already in Secundo mode. He arrives at the top of the tower where Vishnu resides. He enters the grand room. Claude is seen at the window, looking at the City below.

Claude: Hello Robert.
Robert: Vishnu.*
Claude: You haven't called me like that for a long time. I assume that you're here to kill me.
Robert: Correct. But i need some answers first.
Claude: What makes you think that you'll receive any answers?
Robert: Because i deserve answers. I served you my entire life. And it has been a long life, Vishnu.*
Claude: I'm sorry...but i cannot help you. Are you sure that you want to fight me?
Robert as he reveals his sword: Then...i'm sorry too...
Instantly the two men clash above the table. Claude is attacking, while Robert struggles to keep up with his defences. Swing after swing, clash after clash, Claude's elegance, skill and power is seen. While Robert barely manages to parry the attacks.*
Robert thinking: Shit...i cannot defeat him like this...i have to use my power!
Robert suddenly jumps a few steps back and claps his hands.
From the ground, giant branches emerge towards Claude. The latter simply severs them with his sword, and launches himself to attack once again. Robert dodges the slash and claps his hands.
The whole tower gets violently shaked from its very foundation. Both men gets throwned into the walls. Suddenly a giant explosion is heard and the tower starts falling down.*
Claude manages to get on his feet and he uses the wind to fly through a window. Robert is on his knees smiling. Blood is slowly coming out of his nose and mouth. He exhausted himself.
Robert: You cannot escape this one...Vishnu...
Claude is shown flying away from the tower, but he suddenly stops. He realised what kind of technique Robert used. From the four cardinal points, four branches emerges. Branches larger than anything seen before. One branch longer than 7 km and wider than 10 km. The branches are closing in one to another, crushing the entire City, and sealing it like a clam. Claude lands on the ground and looks at the branches. They formed a dome around the City.*
Claude impressed: Amazing...i never knew that he could do something like this...
And then another explosion is heard. The tower collapsed entirely. And from the middle of it, a giant spike emerged with Robert on top of it.
Robert obviously in a bad shape: Do you know what this technique does, Vishnu?
Claude: Besides destroying my city? No. I don't.
Robert: It seals away the power of every Eären that it's trapped here. Besides me obviously. So guess what...You cannot use your powers anymore.
Claude smiles: So what? Look at you. You're moments away from dying. This comes with a great risk...the strain that it puts on your Azymus must be extraordinary.
Robert smiles: It is...but i would never use it on Earth. Because i would die in a matter of minutes. Luckly here, i can use my Secundo powers without restraints.
Suddenly Robert impales the ground with his sword and claps his hands.
Instantly the scene starts spinning with the two men. They instantly find themselves located in a different dimension. A giant balance made of gold appears in front of them.
Claude amazed: Wow. I have never seen the actual dimension. Of course you told me about it, but this place is amazing. Yet, you never told me what really happens here.
Athena's voice: Shut up! I will ask the questions now!
Claude: Questions? What questions?
Athena: I will start with you do you feel about Claude's betrayal?
Robert: Sad. Disappointed. Mad. Angry. Frustrated. I feel like my entire life was all a lie. That i followed a dream that turned into a nightmare.*
Athena: Good. Now...first question for Vishnu. How do you feel about Robert coming here to kill you?
Claude smiles: Proud. He is like a little brother to me. I feel proud that he had the guts to come here and confront me knowing that he will most likely die in the process.*
Athena: Good. Robert. Second question. Why did you come here?
Robert with a sad voice: So i can embrace the nothingness. That's why.
Athena: I understand.
Claude thinking: Embrace the void...?!?
Athena: Vishnu. Second question. Do you have an important reason behind your behaviour?
Claude: I do have, Athena. Unfortunately i do have.
Athena: I see. Robert. Last question: Do you think that Charles is right?
Robert: I knew that he was right. I couldn't just accept the truth. I couldn't accept that the man that i had as a role model was actually a traitor.
Athena: Interesting. Vishnu...last question.*
Claude: I am listening.
Athena: Are you good...or evil?
Claude sighs: You see...Athena...nobody is either good or evil. Inside me is a constant battle. Unfortunately. But right now...the good side is winning. Fortunately.
Athena: And with those said my judgement is this: you both answered truthfully to the questions. For the first time, i will not have my sacrifice.*
Suddenly both men get pushed back in the real world. Unscathed both. But Robert being on the brink of death from early.
Claude: An amazing technique you have Robert. You never showed it to me before!
Robert: Because it was supposed to kill you!*
Claude: How it does work?
Robert: If you lie...even a slight lie...Athena drains all your Azymus and she gives it me.*
Claude amazed: Interesting. It's a marvelous attack.*
Robert as he prepares a green wave attack: Yet, you still don't have your powers. Meaning that i will kill you with this!
Robert thinking: I must do it! It's the last Azymus that i have left!
Robert releases the green beam, shouting!
Claude smiles as the beam comes closer and closer. He simply catches it and breaks it with his palm.
Robert shocked falls to his knees.
Robert: But how...!?! You are supposed to be stripped off your powers!
Claude smiles: Remember what you said early. About restraining powers.
Robert as he falls down unconcious: It seals away the power of any Eären...then it means that you are not...
Claude remains silent, smiles and goes next to Robert. He places his hand on his chest, while his palm glows blue. Then he grabs him and puts him on his shoulder.
Claude: Let's get you treated. I gave you enough Azymus from me so you would survive until your receive treatment.*
Claude turns around and looks at the giant branches. He takes out his sword and makes a slash in the air. Suddenly the walls are destroyed from the bottom. As the walls fall down, Claude puts his sword back at his waist.
Claude to himself while holding Robert: Yeah...i am not one.

The scene shows Houdini, Suleyman, Darwin, Max and Leonardo arriving in the Celest City. They are at the outskirts of the city and they look at the remaining roots of Robert's giant branches.

Leonardo: Oh no...what happend here?!?
Suleyman: It seems that we are too late. Robert already engaged Vishnu.
Darwin: And apparently he lost...but i never saw something like this before...look at the City!
Max shocked: Half of it was crushed by Robert's branches! My god, what kind of battle did they had here?!?
Houdini: I don't know...but we must move!
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