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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel it's switched. It shows Vienna. Robert's castle. Arinasa is with Henry, Newton and Mozart.*

Henry: what?
Arinasa: We wait. We will decide what we should they when they return.
Mozart: That's good. Let's hope that they will return safe.*
Newton looks on the window.
Newton alarmed: Guys!!! Get over here! Now!
They all go the window, only to see fourpeople waiting for them outside the castle.
Henry: Those are Rasputin, Freud and Flamel!!!*
Flamel's voice is heard.
Flamel: Get out of the castle and confront us! Otherwise you will regret!
Mozart: We will not respond to this. We will stay here. They cannot breach our defences.
Arinasa suddenly realised something: They can! Flamel knows the weak spots of the castle!
Just as she finished saying these, a giant flame hits the castle. A huge explosion occurs, as half of Robert's castle gets destroyed. Arinasa lands on the ground with the three men that she enveloped in water bubbles in order to protect them.
Flamel: Hello, old friends. Long time no see. I'm here for payback. For what you did to me back in Prague. The bullet that Darwin fired at me, kept me away from the battlefield for two weeks. Now it's my turn. And with the events that happend...nobody can protect you anymore!*
Arinasa to the group: Flamel is mine. I am the only one who can deal with him.
Henry: I have Rasputin.
Mozart: Freud is mine.
Newton: I will help you Henry with Rasputin.
Flamel: So gentlemen...shall we?
Arinasa makes a step behind and gathers her Azymus.
Arinasa: Nicholas Flamel. You are bold to come here.
Flamel: Young Arinasa...last time we met, you were severely outmatched. Why do you think that this time will be any different?
Arinasa smiles menacing: You failed to grasp something...did you really thought that i went all out on you last time?*
Flamel: Right back at you.
Flamel puts his white gloves on and smiles.*
Flamel: Are you ready, young girl?*
Arinasa as she takes a battle stance: Come at me bastard!
Flamel waves his hands and blue flames surround Arinasa shaped as a circle. Arinasa quickly projects from her palm a beam of water that she uses as a propulsion beam. She manages to jump from the flames. Arinasa lands exactly in front of Flamel. He attempts to kick her, but Arinasa grabs the man's leg and twists it in a matter of moments, breaking his knee. Flamel falls on the ground shouting, but he uses his cane and manages to get up.
Flamel: You...will pay...for your...insolence!
Flamel releases from his right palm a stream of flames at Arinasa. The latter simply claps her hands and several walls of water appear in front of her, protecting the woman from the attack.
Flamel smiles: You're good. It seems that i have to be serious about fighting you.
Arinasa: Well then...go ahead.*
Flamel smiles and starts spinning his cane.
Flamel: Secundo release...Alchemy power!!!
Flamel himself bursts into blue flames. In a matter of moments his body is seen. He became a monster. His skin and flesh went away. He looks like a skeleton enveloped in blue flames. His leg was healed.*
Flamel with a demonic voice: This is my power. Prepare yourself!!!
Arinasa gulps as she makes a step back.

The scene it's switched. It shows Leonardo, Suleyman, Darwin, Max and Houdini rushing on the streets of the Celest City, towards the ruins of Vishnu's tower. As they reach the ruins they see the magnitude of the battle that took place.

Leonardo: But...where is everyone?!?
Suleyman: Where is Robert!?! Did Claude killed him?*
Houdini: My you imagine what kind of battle took place here?
Max: We need to find Robert, and get out of here!
Darwin turns around and looks behind them.
Darwin with a nervous voice: We don't need anymore to find Robert.
The group turns around and they look at an unscathed Vishnu that just landed near them.
Claude: Hello, everyone.
Darwin: Where is Robert?!? What did you do to him?
Claude: Isn't it obvious? He came here to kill me. He destroyed my City. Yet, he failed to accomplish his mission. That's why i had to take his life.
Suleyman: Bastard! Traitor!*
Claude: Shut up, Sultan Suleyman. He deserved it. Can't you see the devastation that he did?*
Houdini: He was your friend! He adored you! Like you were his god!
Claude: Then why did he took the choice to kill me?
Leonardo: Because you used us all. You shattered our dreams. Our hopes. Our lives. We lived for nothing. We fought, and we have risked our lives countless times for a lie. How that sounds to you?*
Claude: I'm sorry if i deceived you. But, i'm not sorry for killing Robert. have two options...either you leave the City in one piece, either i won't hesitate and i will take your lives too. It's your choice.
Max: What's this all about Claude? Arinasa came up with a theory that you are actually trying to protect us from something. Is this what you are doing?
Claude: No. I am not. I fooled you.
Leonardo: I don't buy it.*
Claude smiles and places one hand on the ground.
Claude: I don't need you to buy it, Leonardo.*
Suddenly a circle of blue energy appears around the group.
Claude: All i need from to stop interfering in my affairs!

The scene shows Arinasa facing the beastly Flamel.

Flamel makes one step towards her.*
Flamel: This is your end...girl...
Flamel waves his hand and releases a giant wave of blue flames at Arinasa. She tries to block it with water, but the flames consume everything. She jumps several meters back and claps her hands together. Blue energy appears around her palms, and forms a sword.
Arinasa: Venus release!!!
She now summoned her blade.
Flamel: I am impressed. You managed to summon your own sword. It's quite a feat.
Arinasa: Wait until you see what i can do!
Arinasa impales the ground with her sword.
Arinasa shouting: Venus release! Intense punishment!
From the ground, several high pressurized water beams emerge aimed at Flamel. The man manages to dodge them all. He tries to burn the girl one more time but he fails.
Flamel: Enough! Alchemy release! Demonic judgement!!!
He fires a 100m wide flame at Arinasa.
Arinasa thinking: Crap! There is no other way! I have to dodge this!
Just as the flames are inches from her body, she claps her hands.
Flamel laughs: It's too late girl! The fire will devour even your soul! You cannot escape that!
And his smile is turned into a surprised expression. He looks at his chest. A blade pierced it from behind. Flamel coughs blood.
Flamel: What the...
He looks behind him. An unscathed Arinasa is standing right there. She impaled him.
Flamel barely speaking: But...but how?!?
Arinasa: second element is the wind. I control the water and the wind. I used Ventus to move faster than the speed of sound. That's how i escaped your flames and got behind you so fast. And're dead.
Flamel: I cannot belive...i got this child...
Arinasa quickly takes out the blade and decapitates Flamel in one move.
Arinasa: Farewell, Nicholas Flamel.

The scene shows Robert in a hospital bed. He is barely concious. He looks at his right where he spots Claude.

Robert: What happend?!? Am I dead?
Claude: No you are not. Everyone thinks that you are, but i sparred your life.
Robert: Why?
Claude: Because there are still things that connect me with you. And i thought about showing some mercy.*
Robert: You should have killed me. I don't need your mercy!
Claude smiles: And yet here you are. Robert, calm yourself down. I proved to you that you cannot kill me. Even if you manage to escape the building, you won't be able to escape the City. I sealed all the portals. I restricted the passage to the City. Nobody can get in. Nobody can get out.*
Robert: But why?!?!
Claude as he becames serious: Because...pretty soon we will be at siege. That's why.
Robert: Siege?
Claude: Goodbye Robert. I will come to see you later.
Claude leaves the room, while Robert is confused. He looks at his hands. Only his right is ties to the bed.
Robert: That bastard...!

The panel it's switched. It shows Claude with Krishna and Gabriel.

Gabriel: Lucifer will arrive soon.
Krishna: I did as you ordered, Lord Vishnu. I sealed all the remaining portals. There is only one portal left, and that's the only one that Lucifer will use.
Claude: Good. Now...prepare the main army. Have them evacuate the citizens to the safe zone.*
Krishna: Aye!
Gabriel: Do you think that he will be that bold to come all the way here, knowing what he is going up against?
Claude: Lucifer wants my brother. He wants the Bringer of Chaos at his command.
Gabriel: Imagine that he needs a lot of power for binding him...your brother, the Bringer of chaos.
Claude with a serios face: proved your loyalty to me. You must keep me from going against Lucifer as the Dark General! Because if i do that...
Gabriel with a sad voice: Everything will be destroyed...

The end.

The next chapter will be up shortly. In two days at most. Thank you for reading. Also, some questions might appear because of this particular chapter, but the next one will reveal in flashbacks events that happend in this one. Thank you all once again.
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