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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Num - yet another instance where I believe you or somebody not directly involved in something. Granted I did the same but I was just short fused about the silly ass comment I read a responded. Now in regards to your comments on me, sounds like another dose of bullsh*t. For starters if you read anything I've posted to this forum about his fanfic I include questions, give my commentary, offer my opinion on similarities from strong mangas, and tell him good job. Not sure why you always referenced male genitalia but hey it is what it is. And why are you so concerned what I do in regards to others stories? Still haven't figured that out yet but whatever.

Bottom line, didn't wanna read that nonsense from a guy who literally was here 5min asking dumb sh*t to the highest order. Too strong a response maybe, valid. You feeling the need to mention me with obvious inaccuracies, ridiculous and above all unnecessary.

Hell I've about your story before but you've put nothing up about. It seemed to be something. So how about putting the focus there so somebody can post something stupid about it too. Thought I'd gotten passed this sh*t from a couple of you folks who deem it necessary to butt-in with that level of flagrantness. Hopefully this sh*t is done.
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