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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
I see your point when you say that it's not a fanfic, and you are correct. But your comment was related strictly to the name of the characters. You didn't offered though a valid reason, or criticism towards that. You just said: fuck man, i don't like it. I understand that, i don't expect everyone to like what i write. Also, i started with a "crossover" as you say, but that was done. I finished it, in case you didn't notice. And if your main concern it's related simply to the term that i have used: Fanfiction...i'm sorry mate but i have to tell you that you're an idiot. And i have reason to insult you. Come back please when you have a decent criticism and tell me what i did right or wrong, and i will gladly accept it, because it helps me evolve. But if you simply come here to tell me that i should use the so-called " rules" of a fanfic, please don't return. We won't miss you.

Also, Kidd, thanks for standing up for me, but you don't need to get angered because of this guy. If he has something clever to say about my work here, it's fine with me. If he doesn't just ignore him. There is no need for insults from the readers. I can deal with him.

Now for ivhturp2: Yeah i know that i rushed that part too much and it's my fault there. I focused too much on the action rather than the dialogue. And with the risk of spoiling a bit: don't worry. That's not the last battle that Claude will have with Robert. That whole "status quo" is about to change. If you noticed, Vishnu/Claude just sealed the entrances in the Celest City. All of them, but one. Currently Claude is in the Celest City with Robert. Leonardo, Darwin, Max, Suleyman and Houdini had an unknown fate. The next chapter will show what really happend to them. Also, on Earth, Arinasa, Henry, Newton and Mozart will have their own share of troubles. They are not done yet with Freud and Rasputin. I only showed Arinasa's battle. And there is still Amaterasu who declared his animosity towards Vishnu's regime. Don't forget about him. The next chapter will reveal a bit about the mistery behind Vishnu's brother, The Bringer of Chaos. Who he really is and why he was locked away. Also, Lucifer is going to make an appearence. His first appearence. And he is way different than what Claude expects. Trust me, the next one will be interesting. Oh, i almost forgot. People will die. Important people.

Thank you for the reading, and as always hit me with everything you got, either if it's appreciation or criticism. But please, don't behave like the guy who proved his ignorance.
Not a prob. And I didn't really see it as a defense moreso aggrevation from fresh meat. I was in that position as a new poster earlier this year but if I'd have done something that clearly stupid I'd have deserved a shot across the thread.

Looking forward to that next installment. I'm looking for all that clarification you mentioned plus hopeful some idea on the brother of Claude and ability progression of Arinisa and Max.

**Forgive the double post
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