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Re: The Nature energy Connection...

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
4 things are wrong with this:
  • Fourth. Sage mode, which is what Juugo/Naruto/Jiraiya/Kabuto use, is not the same as what the Sage of Six Paths used. The Sage was able to use all of the base elements along with yin and yang. He was never said to be able to harness Nature chakra. Nor was it said that Juugo and his clan are descended from the Sage.
Ya ya Sry. I just realised that my whole point did not get there. What I was planning to say is that sasuke may learn To control sage jutsu once he is aware of it (i know he is aware of it, I just meant him using it) and that might match up with naruto power level.

And I was just pointing it out in sasuke's case. Ofcourse the juugo's cell is compatible to all, infact the curse seal was done from studying him.

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