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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
Num - yet another instance where I believe you or somebody not directly involved in something. Granted I did the same but I was just short fused about the silly ass comment I read a responded.
Bottom line, didn't wanna read that nonsense from a guy who literally was here 5min asking dumb sh*t to the highest order. Too strong a response maybe, valid.
Then recollect your thoughts to avoid losing your temper. You could still snap him a good one, but state why he's wrong in the first place.

Now in regards to your comments on me, sounds like another dose of bullsh*t. For starters if you read anything I've posted to this forum about his fanfic I include questions, give my commentary, offer my opinion on similarities from strong mangas, and tell him good job. Not sure why you always referenced male genitalia but hey it is what it is. And why are you so concerned what I do in regards to others stories? Still haven't figured that out yet but whatever.
You feeling the need to mention me with obvious inaccuracies, ridiculous and above all unnecessary.
Ugh. /facepalm

I don't call you an yes-man for nothing. Trust me, I spent an whole year with what I'd realize later was a yes-man, so I know the kind very well. I know you give commentaries and pose questions, but you seem incapable of constructive criticism. I may have overlooked a comment or two, but I've never seen you say "I think X was done wrong/could be done better if Y was done" or something similar and your questions are legitimate doubts. In other words, your posts could be reduced to "I like it", "why/how?" and "moar".

I'm not saying you have to stop giving positive feedback, but you need to balance it out. Don't be afraid of denoting flaws or deficits in the writing, nobody's perfect and is by knowing where those flaws/deficits are that the writer will overcome them. That's why I butted in on this nonsensical fling of argument, because neither of you were either making sense or helping anyone in the least.

Hell I've about your story before but you've put nothing up about. It seemed to be something. So how about putting the focus there so somebody can post something stupid about it too. Thought I'd gotten passed this sh*t from a couple of you folks who deem it necessary to butt-in with that level of flagrantness. Hopefully this sh*t is done.
You might to cover your eyes for what I'm about to say if you think saying things like what they are is "flagrantness": you wasted a good opportunity to stay quiet.
  • First of all, I put 2 chapters of my stories, so that comment on "you've put nothing" was misguided at best.
  • Second of all, maybe if you thought about what is required to write a chapter, you'd think that maybe I don't have the time or that I'm in a writer's block or any other reason instead of rubbing it in with salt like a complete jackass.
  • Third and lastly, you seem to have a really short memory because you'd know how futile your whole exercise was considering you didn't even bothered to comment the second chapter where the things you were uncertain off in your comment of the first were addressed. I mean, how are you asking for a chapter (in a douchy way, but nonetheless) if you didn't even bother to tell me how the previous was? All you did was a "MOAR" comment on Vishnu when he commented he'd post the next chapter after I posted my chapters.
Sorry, but I'm not Vishnu, so don't expect me to write at his pace or take comments as he does. What I want is feedback for my writings and what I want from it isn't compliments, is criticism. And by experience I say it to every writer here that yes-men are the worst thing to go by, so if you really want to help Vishnu or anyone else, Kiddjutsu, think, for every thing you like, of something else you dislike or should be improved. I don't think you know how awesome of a reader you'd become by doing that.

@luffyus: stop, just stop. If you want to criticize, actually say something that isn't outright debunked by reading the simplest of lines.
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