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Re: Naruto_611_predicts

Naruto 611 : The path that we chose

Scene shows Bee ready to fire the bijuudama meanwhile Obito is shown concerned.

Madara: Relax,everything is under control (smiles menacing)

The Juubi catches Bee with three of his tails canceling the bujuudama and throwing him away

Madara: See now?

Naruto: I wouldn't be so sure

Naruto and Kakashi come from behind with a surprise attack.Naruto manages to land a punch on Madara sending him some meters away while Kakashi tries to impale Obito with a Raikiri but the later dodges and Kakashi only manages to cut the rot that connects him with the Juubi

Obito: (thinking)All that was a diversion so that they would be free to attack us,clever.Madara is right we must first kill the rats

Obito: Madara I'll take care of these two,you just proceed

Madara: Hmpf...fine,I'll take care of the real Kyuubi boy.

Obito takes out from his sleeve a kunai and tries to attack Kakashi but the kunai phases throught him.

Obito: (surprised)Wow!To think that you managed to go this far with Kamui.Now you can do what I can...

As Obito talks Naruto Sage-clone comes with a gargantuan rasengan but Obito notices and transfers himself to the other dimension.

Obito: (as he starts vanishing)If you want to fight me Kakashi then come at me...

Naruto Sage-clone: What was that?

Kakashi: Naruto,listen I'm going to the other dimension.He realised that Kamui is not efective anymore so he wants to fight me alone.You on the meantime help the others with Madara

Naruto: Sure about this Kakashi sensei?

Kakashi:'s my fault if Obito is like this now and I must take responsibility for my past actions.Take care of things here.

Kakashi: Kamui!

He warps himself and after some seconds he finds himself on the other dimension.Obito is there waiting for him

Obito: It took you time to come here but now we're free of interruptions.So let's fight to the death,old friend...

Kakashi: I'm sorry that things got at this point,but now the only thing left is to fight for the future

As he said that he takes a kunai out of his bag and throws it to Obito,the later simply dodges it but the kunai transforms into a Kakashi clone that lands a powerfull punch on Obitos jaw sending him flying away

Kakashi: One of Naruto's tricks but it's very useful don't you think?

Obito: (gets up and makes handsigns) No more games Kakashi!Mokuton!Forest of drain!

From the ground a forest of tree emerges and covers the aeria.

Obito: (makes other handsigns) Not over yet!Suiton!Hidden mist jutsu!

The aeria with trees gets enveloped on a mist and you can't see anything.

Kakashi: I must be careful now,but for what were those trees?They didn't even hurt me.

Obito: (watching from away and thinking)He must be thinking himself that for what were those trees...Well he wll get a surprise when he realises it.This is a special Mokuton ninjutsu that Madara taught me,When the opponent is fighting close to those trees he doesn't realise that the trees absorb it's chakra making him powerless.If I attack him now he must respond and at that same time the chakra he uses for the attack will be drained from him

Obito vanishes and appears behind Kakashi.

Obito: (makes handsigns) Katon!Grand fireball jutsu!

Kakashi: (as he notices the ball of fire makes also handsigns) Suiton!Water dragon jutsu!

The two jutsus cancel each other but Kakashi falls on his knees

Kakashi: What is this?It seems that double of the chakra I used for the technique is being taken from me...Wait!The trees!Clever move Obito...

He jumps very high from a distance that you can see all the the forest then starts making handsigns

Kakashi: Katon!Fire nova!

A giant fireball made of pure fire is shown hitting the forest then the scene goes white and changes to Naruto & Co vs Madara.

Kurama: (talking to Naruto) Naruto let me take control of your body.I know how to handle things from here

Naruto: Ok

Kurama: Hey Madara,you better take things seriously now.

Madara: Well,well, the pet decided to take the lead

Hachibi: Oh boy,he's gonna battle with his full power...We better stay out of this

Guy: Why?Whats so special now?

Hachibi: Until now Naruto was in control but it hasn't been much since he synced with Kurama so Kurama had no time to train him to use all of his power.So now you are going to witness his true power and the reason he is called the strongest of the Bijuu and also he is known by another name

Guy: Another name?

Hachibi: Each Bijuu has a special ability for example Shukaku can control sand and use Fuuton,I can use ink as a sealing technique while Kurama was knows as....

Kurama is shown closing his mouth and holding his breath and then shouts

Kurama: Katon!Fire apocalypse!

A giant amount of fire is released from his mouth and it's directed to Madara and Juubi

Hachibi: The Fire Master!He is an expert on fire jutsus.

Guy: Wow...

Naruto: (Speaking to Kurama)Wow...I didn't know you could use Katon!

The scene shows the place where the Juubi was standing,it's covered on huge amount of fire.The Juubi is shown jumping high evading the fire but Kurama appears right in front of it

Kurama: Got ya!Katon!Fire Bullet!

He send from his mouth a compresed amount of fire that hits the Juubi and throws it on the ground

Madara: Amazing how much energy you have... (smirks)You really know how to entertain me.

Kurama: This is nothing

At his palm fire starts emiting on a circular form

Naruto: (surprised)That's!!!!

Kurama: (coming at huge speed at the Juubi)Katon!Fire Rasengan!

The Rasengan made with fire hits the Juubi setting it's body on flames and throwing him far away until he creshes on a mountain

Naruto: (talking to Kurama)How did you do that?

Kurama: Simple,I just added a element to the Rasengan,you can do it also if you train to compress your wind element into it on a huge amount,like with Rasenshuriken only you must add more Fuuton.

Naruto: (smiling)Will you train me?

Kurama: (smiling)Sure,after the war finishes.

Scene shows the Juubi getting up and Madara furious.

Madara: I'm getting tired now,time to kill you.

On Juubi's mouth a huge bijuudama starts forming.Kurama makes a serious face and opens his mouth.Slowly a bijuudama starts forming but Kurama also ads into it fire making it bigger and surrounds the bijuudama like a second layer.Each of them lanuches the technique and soon they clash.The Juubis bijuudama is canceled alongside the fire layer of Kuramas bijuudama and the bijuudama is free to attack the Juubi

Madara: (shocked)No way!

The bijuudama hits the Juubi making a big explosion and then the place is covered in smoke

Hachibi: It's been so long that Kurama hadn't fight like this

Naruto: You truly are amazing but did that kill him?

The cloud of smoke starts dispersing and we see an injured Juubi that is slowly regenerating

Kurama: Damn,I forgot about the regenerative power!

From away the Naruto Sage clone is watching

Naruto Sage clone: It's no good,at this rate they can't win...Wait a minute!I think I got it!At least I must try.

He makes a thousand clones and all of them start heading toward the battlefield.The Juubi is shown fully regenerated with Madara on top of it

Madara: You truly are something,now it's over

They start heading toward Kurama but they can't move.Madara turns to see the Naruto clones holding the Juubi by the tail.

Madara: Hmpf...What are you up to.

Naruto Sage clone: You'll see soon enough.Guys start!

The clones close their eyes while holding the tails.The Juubi tries to crush them with the tails but can't move them.

Madara: What the...

Naruto Sage clone: You see,when Kurama told me that the Kyuubi could only be sensed when you are on Sage Mode I started thinking that maybe the Juubi is nothing else but a giant mass of nature energy with no consciousnes,so if we hold it and try to gather natural energy we will only absord it's energy by making it weaker.You can see it yourself

The Juubi starts becoming smaller as the clones start to get it's energy

Kurama: Smart move!Naruto,as soon as the clones dry a bit more energy from it we will attack

Madara: If I let it happen!

The Juubi waves his hand and tries to attack the clones but is caught by the Hachibi

Hachibi:Ain't that strong now huh?

The clones as shown sweating as the Juubi is getting more smaller.

Naruto Sage clone: Kurama!!!Attack now we can't control all this natural energy anymore!

Kurama: You heard that Naruto,lets go

Kurama starts forming a giant Bijjudama and launches it.Hachibi manages to get out in time as the technique hits the Juubi full.The clones are all destroyed while the place is covered in smoke

Naruto: (surprised)I don't believe what I sense...

The smoke disperses and shows the seven bijuu from one to seven tail standing there

Naruto: How did they?

Kurama: (smiling)Simple...since the Juubi was not full the other Bijuu were not fully linked with it so when he got anhiliated the bijuu were free again

7 tail: And all thanks to you Naruto...

Madara is shown away creshed on a rock and slowly regenerating

Madara: (furious face)Don't think you won,I was careless with you but now you are going to witness true terror as a reward for ruining my plans.

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