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Re: One piece 690

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
He was using Tekkai before. This time he used a full body Haki armor ( Luffy will be able to do that too ), which reveals a problem in my opinion.

How will Oda balance Haki in battles so it doesn't become pointless ?

Vergo was using a full body armor yet it did nothing. Obviously this means that Law is stronger than him which isn't surprising, but what happens in battles where the people involved are around the same level ?

Does haki make DF powers useless so it always comes down to who has better Haki and endurance ?

It will be interesting to see how Oda handles this, specially with CoO haki.
Agreed, with the power levels being all over the place.. "haki" should be equal depending on its user...Vergo was known to be more powerful two years ago but Law grew his own power...making him stronger than Vergo?? Luffy will be able to use full body CoO Haki but agreed how will this threat of Haki vs Haki be played out... We have not seen this type of battle where Haki was mainly used to defeat a foe. I don't see Luffy needing fb Haki against CC. Up against a foe like Dofla Luffy will need every type of his Haki, Gomu Gomu arsenal strengthened on a whole another level...Thank God Oda didn't play first I was like damn he getting handled then it was revealed he stole the heart... I want to see more of Smoker.
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