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Re: One piece 690

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Law's feat was so ridiculous that it overshadowed everything else lol. Kinemon thinks that the small western dragon was his son, that means that there may be hope for the little dragon after all, it would make a great pet should the SHs pacify it.

Luffy denting CC's face was hilarious, but that needs to end already. Zoro got lost, and where the hell is Franky ?

I bet he will be the one to engage Baby 5 and Buffalo in battle once they arrive. Weapon users collide. Law also managed to shut Dfla up a bit in the end, the guy had his serious face on. Pretty badass Law.
In my Dave Hester voice (YYYYUUUPPPPPPP) if you watch Storage Wars lol

Law turned the tides of this arc with his statement...Being the figure that broke the gears and started this epic battle...he will put himself at the forefront by taking on the Yonkou one by one....
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