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Re: Naruto_611

1. Temari has no known squad.
2. She's in the Fourth Division, ran by Gaara with Shikamaru as second in command.
3. They aren't the ones shouting "Kazekirin no Jutsu"
4. It was kind of weird and the fan bit is all Temari has going for her as a shinobi so people likely just paid that no mind.

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Sasuke going back to Konoha means he'll be executed for treason.
No, he won't. Naruto and Kakashi reveal the truth about the massacre since Itachi confirmed it to Naruto. The elders either try to demand Sasuke's blood and claim no knowledge and get their minds read, revealing the truth or they admit what happened. The only people he killed from Konoha were Orochimaru and Danzo.

Naruto then uses his position as Ninja Jesus to spare him. Hell, prior to the attack on Killer Bee, when Sasuke and Obito snuck into the village, they overheard people talking about giving him a medal for his perceived defeat of Itachi. The hard part will be making Sasuke suddenly turn good again.
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