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Re: Naruto_611

For some reason it bothered me when the kyubii said "let me gather some energy" and he started meditating like he was bouta go into sage mode. Idk why tho, it just made kyubii look REAL lame. I thought his chakra was supposed to b all menacing and dark -pure evil...and he gathering natural energy.....I mean I understand the jubii being a blend of all the bijuu chakra having natural energy, but idk IMO it made the kyubii look very soft to me. I would have been happier if the dog (fox) jus laid down and told naruto "let me rest and gather my energy" but for him to sit "Indian style", "criss cross apple sauce"..... -_- c'mon son.

The chap was meh... Confused on the lst page like everyone else.
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