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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Ok guys here it is. It's extra long but only coz I wanted all the talkin to be over with in this chapter.
Starting the next one tonight, and the action starts there. Should be up very soon In a day or two. (btw sorry if the backstory seems rushed, it was, it was dragging so I decided not to waste too much time on it).

Bleach 522: True Intentions

Scene opens with Unohona, Ukitake, Kyoraku and Kurotsuchi walking down a hallway.

Ukitake: how is his condition?
Unohona: Stable, but he is pushing himself hard, he may end up causing himself some permanent damage before he fully recovers.
Kyoraku: He was always the proud one.
Ukitake: The question is what do we do now? Byakuya is out of commission for the moment and Zaraki is awol looking for Wairudo, let's just hope he doesn't find him.
Kyoraku: I wouldn't worry about Zaraki, if anything he may keep Wairudo occupied enough for us.
Kurotsuchi: However the report Shihouin Yoruichi gave us does indicate that Kurosaki Ichigo seems to have a plan in mind, so the real question is how do we proceed now and just what are his plans with Aizen?
Unohona: I would think that he has come to the same conclusion that we have. The Quincy came from Hueco Mundo which is where Aizen had set his base. *They must have known of each other and so he has gone to learn more of them from him.
Kurotsuchi: If that was all there was to it then he could have learnt as much from us or from Urahara Kisuke. No, I believe he has other intentions for Aizen Sousuke.
Ukitake: We will have to trust he knows what he's doing for now, this is a precarious moment and we'll only get one chance. We'll have to plan the next move carefully.
Kyoraku: For now let us hope that he can leave there unscathed.

Scene change to Ichigo and Aizen.

Ichigo stands before Aizen looking down at him. Shizen still lies unconscious a few feet behind him.

Aizen: Most of what I know comes from deep within the secret archives of central 46. I doubt anyone apart from the captain commander himself was aware of it.
Ichigo: …
Aizen: A thousand years ago when Juha Bach and the Quincy he had rallied behind him met Shikeguni Yamamoto on the field of battle, they were not alone. There were others that he had managed to convince to his ideals the most prominent amongst them…was house Kurosaki.
Ichigo: House Kuraskai?!!
Aizen: Ha, yes. A thousand years ago there were five noble houses, not just the four that survive today. House Kurosaki a thousand years ago was the most prominent of the noble houses, it stood even higher than house Kuchiki. maybe his had to do something with the traditions of House Kurosaki, one of which was that it’s head was always a woman.
Aizen: From what I could gather I believe your mother to have to been the 24th head of house Kurosaki, though this is mostly guesswork from my end as very little information has been recorded from the time that house Kurosaki was destroyed up to when your mother fled to earth.
Ichigo: Destroyed?
Aizen: a thousand years ago, the head of house Kurosaki at that time, Kurosaki Sakura, gave her heart to one man…that man was Juha Bach.
Ichigo: …And she sided with him when he chose to rebel.
Aizen: Correct, whether she actually believed the same as he did or whether it was just blind love, whatever the reason, the day she gave her allegiance to Juha Bach the fate of House Kurosaki was sealed. It was destroyed completely along with the rebel army at the time. Kurosaki Sakura however survived that war only to be sentenced to execution for her part in it. House Kurosaki was also to be forever dissolved and its name removed from sight everywhere and never to be uttered again. The most noblest of houses was to suffer the ultimate crime for its sins…
Ichigo: …To never have existed at all.
Aizen: Precisely. The records I read say that at her trial Kurosaki Sakura made two last requests. That the retainers of House Kurosaki that did not take part in the fight be allowed to go free and live normally even if stripped of their name. The second request was that her daughter, Kurosaki Karin, who had also taken part in the battle, would also be allowed to live.
Ichigo: …Karin?
Aizen: A coincidence I’m sure, though I believe your mother would have been aware of the general history of how the Kurosaki clan ended as they had I doubt she was aware of the full details. She requested that Karin be allowed to live as she had been vehemently against the idea of siding with Bach and it was only the undying loyalty and love she had for her mother that forced her to participate in battle and even then she never actually killed anyone, all those that she fought were merely wounded or incapacitated.

Aizen looks of into thin air as if in deep thought.

Ichigo: …and?!
Aizen: My apologies, I was recalling the speech she gave, I have to admit even thought they were merely words on paper they were still very moving. Something along the lines of one being the final request of a clan head and one being the final request of a mother. Ah well, in any case both requests were granted, though there was one condition attached for the second request. It seems Kurosaki Karin, even at her relatively young age had prodigious skill and was well known and liked by all her superiors. She was granted the option to be taken to King’s realm and tested for the Zero Squad. If she passed she would be become a member and continue to live on there, if she failed she would be put to death…
Aizen: I’m afraid that’s as far as my knowledge goes on that matter though I can shed a little more light onto your mother if you would like.

Aizen smiles his knowing smile. Ichigo stares at him with an ice cold gaze.

Ichigo: My mother?
Aizen: yes, but first... You can get up now dear lady. I know that you've been conscious for some time now.
Ichigo: if she wishes to listen in that position then let her.
Aizen: So you noticed too? Excellent Kurosaki Ichigo.

Behind Ichigo, Shizen slowly rises until she is sitting up on her knees. She looks at Aizen with an indignant look but says nothing. Aizen meets her eyes and smiles his charming smile.

Aizen: I assume that since you've chosen to remain quiet that there is something that you wish to learn yourself.
Shizen: hmph
Aizen: Well I hope in return for whatever you might learn that you fill in the blanks for us.

Shizen scowls and turns her face sideways so she doesn't have to look at with Ichigo or Aizen.

Aizen: Back when I was a lieutenant in the Gotei 13 I learnt of the Zero squad and the Kings realm. It was in my search of more information on them that I stumbled upon the history of soul society and Juha Bach. In my search I found record of one other captain that had been promoted to the ranks of the zero squad, that was your mother Kurosaki Ichigo, Kurosaki Masaki.
Ichigo: My mother...was a captain?!
Shizen: hah, she wasn't just any captain, within a very short time she became the leader of the Zero squad. Her skill and power were unmatched!
Ichigo: ...
Aizen: As I was saying, by the time I learned of her she had left the Gotei for quite some time. All the information I had been able to gather was from old records, and meaningless documentation that told me barely anything. I could find nothing recent, nothing of detail!
Ichigo: That is until fate and luck intervened and a certain someone decided to place their trust in me.
Shizen: It was HIM wasn't it?,

The venom in her voice is evident and makes Ichigo look at her in surprise and confusion.

Aizen: Yes indeed, it was him. The Captain of the 10th division at the time, Samanosuke Isshin.
Ichigo: Isshin?!!
Aizen: Yes, your father. When I had caused the previous captains to turn into Vaizard and flee to the real world about 80 years previously, I recommended your fathers promotion to Captain of the 10th division. I had learned of his contact with Masaki and had hoped to garner further influence so as to gain information. Unfortunately he knew nothing, however that brief relationship we had, led to him entrusting with his plans about 20 years ago.
Ichigo: his plans?
Aizen: That of running away with Masaki to the real world.

Ichigo: What?!
Aizen: Yes Kurosaki Ichigo, anyway I’m sure you know the rest. Evidently they succeeded in their escape, managed to make a life on earth thanks to the assistance of Urahara and had one son and two daughters.
Ichigo: But…if my mum was soo strong why couldn’t she protect me!!

The words leave Ichigo’s mouth as scream as he looks down at Aizen. Aizen looks at him curiously as if surprised at the question.

Aizen: Is that not evident Kurosaki Ichigo? She died TO protect you. We are not talking about a random soul or a common soldier. This was a member of the Zero Squad and a Captain of the Gotei 13. The hunt for them must still be on-going today by the Zeor squad and the Onmitsukido. I’m sure she could have destroyed that hollow in the blink of an eye but releasing her reiatsu would then draw the attention of those she had escaped from and bring their wrath down upon her children also. She died the way she did to protect her family, so that you could continue to live normal lives.

Ichigo Stands tall and firm but you can see tears flowing down his face. He bows his head as he is overcome with emotion.
Aizen Looks at him for a moment before turning his head towards Shizen.

Aizen: Now my dear if you would be so kind to return the favour, Kurosaki Isshin chose to ask for my help to escape but didn’t tell me much on how they’d kept contact even after she left.
Shizen: …

Ichigo wipes his eyes with his sleeve and looks over at Shizen.

Ichigo: Leave, you don’t need to say anything.
Aizen: well I wouldnot mind being owed a favour by a member of the Zero squad.
Shizen: Hmph, fine.


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