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Re: Bleach 518

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Bringing all the bitches back. Gonna be some fight of endless one hit KO's when it comes. And I hope it comes soon because I could care less about Ichigo's little reforging quest.

Of course, we can see how this will run: Ichigo trains/works, fight begins, people start "dying", things look bad, Ichigo appears, things go OK but then bad guys look like they'll win, Ishiin shows up with a few other old faces, Ichigo learns something that Uruhara was holding from him, with this new knowledge Ichigo wins.

Just trying to figure out where Aizen comes in.

There's nothing to indicate he will come in any more than he has already. Kubo's prob only mentioned Him so people don't rant how could he forget about him.

But since they've now shown Tsukishima...could they use his ability to get Aizen to join the ranks?

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