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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I think its a clear explanation why the bijuu are bottomless pools of chakra.
Ur absolutely right. I just don't like it. I would be happy wit the idea of him just being able to recover extremely fast because he is a bijuu. So that's what he was doin the whole time in that cage after he "loaned" out some chakra? Sitting Indian style getting it back? The 9 tailed daemon fox capable of creating tsunamis and what not with a single swing of his tail? Idk it jus didnt look right. It is what it is tho. Kyfs lil shts have been on point latley. Go u! Seems like u dnt get the credit u deserve IMO. Well good job, can't wait to see where Kishi takes this. Hopefully everyone won't make it out alive.

I was kinda hoping naruto dies at the end of this manga. To me it would make his impact on the ninja world more powerful as someone who sacrificed himself to save the world er something. While everyone's watching. No time soon but if that happened it would make the manga a lil more respectable IMO..
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