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Re: Naruto_611

Originally Posted by Reesaroni View Post
I don't think the stance proves anything about the chakra but it has to be nature energy.
Look not trying to start a grand debate her BUT...

the "position" Kurama is sitting in is a meditation position used when concentrating. You block the outside and center yourself to focus your energy. The "spirals" behind him...those are his tails.

It can be used to draw in ANY chakra, be it Nature or other wise. Kurama is of Yin & Yang that was already stated.

Minato took his yin(or yang I forget) half and sealed it within himself via Reper death Seal.

The Juubi is LIKE nature where he has NO intentions, no feelings. THAT is what Kurama was saying. In Sage mode he is a chakra sensor, Really powerful one but a chakra sensor none the less.

Kurama/RS mode senses evil intent, Kisame inside Samehada and the War from inside the cave?

Sage mode is Chakra sensing, remember he could sense everyone in the villages Chakra except Kakashi?

Also, Naruto was calling the Ninja Alliance the most powerful jutsu ever created, not that he actually had a secret newly mastered one.

Side note, I thought of him placing a summoning seal on everyone there in the Alliance. (via FTG, like Minato did with Kushina and vs. Obito.) except he could summon any of his friends to him or vice versa.

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