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Re: Naruto_611

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
My point is simple there's to much hype surrounding the Juubi when in reality it was supposedly stopped by a single human. Meteor summoning Madara has little to do with anything considering the fact that there are well over 20k shinobi in the area right now. I mean really now if you think the five Kages are more powerful than the total combined force of the shinobi alliance than your sense of logic fails hard. The only real thing Madara did at this point was beat 5 people & killed a couple of fodder ninja. Overrated hype is simply that overrated.
I was essentially agreeing with the Juubi point. But yeah, if Madara summons the meteor, I don't think there is a character in the group who'd be able to do anything about it. I'm saying he won't and we'll get something else.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
You claim only in my mind these things are right then why is it turning out to be the case??? You doubt me and I am right... How many times do you have to do this before you start to realize I actually do know what I am talking about, except you think it is nonsense because you cannot grasp what I am explaining... SO you claim it makes no sense just because you cannot make sense out of it... That is projection...
After everything i have been right about you are pathetic to try and discredit me at this point...

If I am so wrong then why does senju+uchiha=the RG?? Why did nagato have madara's eyes... Why was the juubi body actually gedo mazo... Why is the juubi actually a being of nature energy... Why are the bijuu also beings of nature energy... ect ect... That is just in the past 4 weeks...
That is five things I was right about in just that little amount of time... So then how I am just speaking nonsense and need to be ignored if I am so damn right...

The evidence suggest that your post^^^ is the COOL STORY BRO.... Nice try... Senseless hating is just what it is... Senseless and pathetic ACT...
You really don't understand Cool Story Bro.

Oh, and cool story, bro.
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