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Re: Naruto_611

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Still looking for where this stated KYF was wrong. Really appears that I stated I didn't understand how anyone would get him to say he's wrong unless the Manga provided future evidence that clearly refutes what he's saying. Which is roughly how things have panned out in this forum each and every time.

Nope. Absolutely nothing in there that says at the moment KYF is wrong with what he is saying just that he believes it to be true. In fact, it really seems like I'm going at people who are prepared to argue to death whatever it was he was saying.

Huh. That's just odd.

@KYF - Cool story, bro.

well actually there are manga facts that prove he is wrong about some things.

Such as Kurama being made of nature energy himself.

Senjutsu is based on gathering Nature energy this we know.

Chakra has yin/yang halves this we know.

Nature energy is separate from chakra, this we know.

Minato separated Kurama's Yin/Yang chakra. THAT has been stated several times.

IF Kurama consisted of nature energy then Minato would not have been able to do that.

Kurama was comparing him to nature NOT nature energy.

There are no intentions from NATURE, so RS/Kurama mode Naruto wouldn't have been able to sense it.

BUT Sage mode Naruto can because he is a sensor of chakra.

Naruto, "where is Kakashi Sensei, I don't sense his chakra. Is he on a mission?" remember that?

I'm sorry Kurama MAY be able to draw in Natural energy, but why when he can just replace his own chakra, which is nearly unlimited.

Also you have to realize it is Kurama chakra working through Naruto it isn't him by himself, he is still sealed inside him. The Kurama 16 years ago is not the Kurama mode that Naruto uses. they can only hold that for , so far 8 minutes.

They aren't like Bee & Gyuuki, they can apparently hold that form for hours.

But anyway, Manga facts suggest Kurama is just focusing HIS chakra NOT gathering nature energy right now.

Kurama is NOT made of Natural energy.
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