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Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
After absorbing the Juubi's power & becoming a god. Before actually gaining the Juubi's power he was a human. Ignoring everything else you're saying since people tend to ignore the strong implication that Rinnegan came from the Juubi's power.

Your fail logic fails hard. The power differences in characters isn't as disproportionate as it is in something like Bleach or DBZ. the five Kages aren't even the most powerful fighters in the alliance to begin with yet you're making such an unfound clam? Totally ignoring the fact that each village has it's own ninja of elite status such as Kakashi, Guy, Choujiro, Darui, Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi, Temari, Kankarou, & many many others. Like really now five people overpowers the total fighting force of over 20,000 people? I repeat this is not Bleach people stop acting like retards.

Smh if your saying rikkodu. So6p was human. Trying to imply he's a ordinary person in the narutoverse your wrong. That's what I got from your original post. If your just saying he was mortal but still far more powerful than anything we've seen in naruto then I agree.
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