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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
No one missed you.

Stop being a whiny little faggot.

When the Sun rises in the West. When the mountains blow in the wind. Only then will I stop being mean to you.
Well I didn't miss u guys either, nor did I begged da admins

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Hey Forever Alone,

1) Kael is a bitter man whose heart is two sizes two small, so don't try to understand, he just hates.
Wow I wonder what happened 2 Mr.Kael dat made him this way

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Hey Forever Alone,
2) People have every right to judge others by their actions, so long as those judgments are fair and balanced rather than just an irrational bias such as "People who like doughnuts are insane". You have no right to ask them to stop. It's natural.
I guess ur right.........its like Haters gonna hate & judges gonna judge
Originally Posted by ACt View Post
That said, you're either a dupe account intentionally trying to mess with the forum by posting those inane poems and cartoon porn (I thought your ban would be longer) or just a goddamn idiot. Feel free to try and dissuade one of those. I know you won't be able to dissuade both.
Well actually they r song's lyrics........dat I like......and I'm not trying 2 mess with the forums, I like this place
I'm not a fool......I'm......well I never.........okay fine I might b one

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Auto-ban based on infractions is only like a week, I think. Any future banable offenses I'll go into the ModCP and manually ban him for a much longer duration.
Why Mal-sama why I said I was sorry 4 posting dat picture, plz don't ban me again.

I'm bullet proof, nothing to loose.
Fire away, fire away.

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