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Re: Naruto_611

Your fail logic fails hard. The power differences in characters isn't as disproportionate as it is in something like Bleach or DBZ.
You are either blind or a dense bitch....I'm going with both.

the five Kages aren't even the most powerful fighters in the alliance to begin with yet you're making such an unfound clam?
Did I say they were ? Nardo and B are the strongest wizards in the army, but that doesn't change the fact that Oonoki shits on everyone else in terms of destructive capacity, mobility and durability. The man can fly, spam atomizing cubes O'Death and survive having an asteroid falling on top of his body.

What would the alliance do ? Lure him in with an early bird dinner then poison his mashed potatoes ?

Totally ignoring the fact that each village has it's own ninja of elite status such as Kakashi, Guy,
Both are packing powerful yet incredibly draining techs, not very efficient in combat.

Choujiro, Darui, Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi, Temari, Kankarou, & many many others.

Like really now five people overpowers the total fighting force of over 20,000 people?
20 thousand fodder mind you, and didn't I give a viable strategy already ?

What are they going to do against Oonoki being supported by Gaara and Tsunade ?

They can't get through Gaara's shield, their air combat capabilities suck balls and there is no blocking Oonoki's attacks.

If you can't see the power discrepancy in this manga then you sir are a moron. Naruto could Solo this bitch with ease if he wanted, or did you miss the near country sized Bijuudama explosions that have littered this manga since this power rangers death match started ?

actually ino just showed us they can be stopped.
You do realize that Ino was able to stop Obito for only 2 seconds right ?

If the plot shield surrounding the alliance wasn't as strong as Captain america's shield right now Obito could have already ended this shit. Nardo and B are both out for the moment, Kakashi and GAi ditto, all it would take is another black lazor and good bye alliance.

two people against all 5 countries they can be stopped there are other elite ninja not even named that can play a serious part. the whole rookie nine plus sai we know will play a part shikimaru the biggest, the thunder nin will play a role cuz of killer bee, the mist nin will have a part due to the animosity they hold for being pushed into bloody mist era not to mention temari will play a part. i dont see this battle ending for a half year and it will not be one sided. on the alliance side there are too many able bodys and on the other side madara is too skilled and knows too many justu. i can see final susanoo coming out as well as a fantastic combination coming from shikimarus planning and narutos execution
Aside from obvious plot BS no amount of planning should be able to stop the Juubi or Madara. The damn thing tanked attacks the alliance wouldn't be able to replicate at full strenght, what the hell are they going to do now ?

Again you're missing the point. One person (Mito Guy) was enough to put Madara on his ass.
Lol wut ?

Let's examine who ended up on his/her ass shall we ?

Madara after he took AT

Gai after using AT

As you can see ( Maybe ) Gai is the one on his ass while Madara is able to move just fine. You also conveniently leave out the fact that Madara is not taking this shit seriously at all. If he wanted to Gai would be dead gates or no gates.

Over 20,000 trained killers vs 2 people & a giant monster? You honestly can't see how they're going to win?
So you are blind, a dense bitch, and unfamiliar with fiction ?

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