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Re: Naruto_611

Lettttttssssss get ready to rummmmmmmmmm bbbbbblllleeeeee!

On a side note...the more i read this chapter...the more i am ok with it....also the last page is really growing on me..i love the way he drew guy,cloud nin and kakashi....idk i feel the shit storm of plot no jutsu working its magic but even so i only pray we at least get a proper fight with many known ninjas showing off. I wanna see combos and more highlights from rookie 9 and alliance side. I agree that madara is not taking this serious....ultimate susanoo alone could come out and guarantee zero alliance interference. Even with 20,000 fodder nins...if they don't possess equal skills of their respective kage...they are easily done stated gaara, mei and oonoki would be the best of the kage party. Strongest force together as far as offense. Still compared to ultimate...what are they gonna do?...give oonoki or naruto all their chakra and put it into one attack...but unless madara is sealed...which he seems to be totally against....i don't see the battle ending " even if they could bring down ultimate susanoo."

unlimited chakra,immortal and vast array of jutsu knowledge, powered with one incredible juubi toy..madara is just going insane with all the fun he is having....
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