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Re: Naruto_611

VENGEANCE stop ACTING like a noob. U KNO DAMN WELL GUY CAN'T KILL MADARA. U saying wen edo madara first arrived they should have called guy, onooki, some sealing ninja and they would have been alrite. -_- . IM being retarded?? Bottom line: madara and obito are going to be defeated cause they have to be. Even like act said if he decided to drop a meteor again what would they do? He won't tho....u see? He's not going to use his abilities to the max and kill these ninja off. So your right. What I said was I can't see them seriously beating him, but they will cause of plot.

The ONLY reason people were able to land hits was because he wasn't fighting seriously. He knew they weren't going to seal him and apparently he was waiting for the the jubii. U tellin me hudora er w.e guy used can go through perfect susanoo? -_-. This dude hasn't been in str8 kill mode since he came. And he def wasnt "on his ass" he was sitting waiting for the jubii to come back u saw the panel. Wit him chillin. As SOON as the jubii came back he got happy and ran to it fast as hell.

As far as the Kage, he was Seeing how strong they were, he let them land hits. He says he was fooling with them.

As far as the sage...stop being dumb. U tellin me the jubii is the source of chakra. Ok. How the fuck do the ninja kno how to use the chakra?! The sage...the jubii wasn't going around teaching people how to mold and use chakra. It was the sage. That's the point.

Ur smarter than this veng stop trolling

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