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Re: This is Syria right now

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
Depending on how you look at it, the U.S. has put their nose into others' businesses instead of waiting on the final decision from the U.N.
You're kidding, right? The US doesn't exactly have the most stellar record for interventionism in the Middle East. Afghanistan? Absolutely needed to happen. Iraq? What a waste of time, lives, and money. Egypt? It was the US's fault that Mubarak was there in the first place, and at least the US didn't commit troops. Syria? The US should provide arms, just like Egypt, but no more. The US cannot afford to deploy troops right now. We're tired of war, and we need to recoup for a good long while. Also, if the US said, "Fuck you, UN!" right now, after the vote to recognize Palestine as a nation, then there will be even less sympathy for the cause. A lot of countries aren't backing the US out of spite, so we just need to calm our tits about engaging in a ground war again.

And LN... look back at history... the U.S. was involved in the Korean war long before the U.N. was. Debating on whether the U.S. should have been though... that's a different debate.
Brush up on your history.
When hostile North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel in Korea in June of 1950, the United Nations Security Council called for an immediate end to hostilities. When its further demand that North Korea withdraw forces from the southern half of the Korean peninsula fell on deaf ears, the UN Security Council recommended that members of the United Nations join forces to repel the attack. Twenty-one nations agreed to contribute arms, money, medical supplies, and/or troops to rid South Korea of the Communist aggressor.
The US just had the most military involvement, but it was acting under UN authority. Huge difference than the US storming in first followed by the UN security forces. Also, there is no debate about US involvement in Korea. Absolutely none.
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