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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Originally Posted by Witchking View Post
I enjoy the storylines, i just sometimes think you make the characters act uncharacteristically. Just how i feel, i am enjoying it tho!
All feedback is appreciated, good or otherwise, can't improve without honest critical feedback.
Who do you think is uncharacteristic? I do try to keep them in character, or in sync with their personality, generally the way I see them saying lines in my head seems to fit. E.g. There's some lines in the past chapters I've made sure that only Ukitake says as I think it wouldn't be in character for Kyoraku to say them.
But maybe I'm not portraying that accurately with the way I write.
If you're referring to Ichigo or Aizen I can totally understand as I'm trying to make them grow as characters quite fast. As is probably obvious i'm trying to make Ichigo more serious and insightful and with Aizen...well I haven't decided how far to take him yet lol.

But any specifics on the characters would be appreciated.
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