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Re: Naruto_611

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
What??? The point is that madara has not needed senju DNA to do what he has done... He hasn't even used his RG abilities other then HG realm's ninjutsu sealing ability... But was unnecessary since he could have used sasanoo at any moment....

Naruto, oonoki and gaara got madara in a bad position, but madara could have simply used a fire attack to explode the FRS or created another sasanoo around him since he can do it at will... The FRS cannot even get through raiton Armour of the raikage so how in the hell is it supposed to get through any level of sasanoo...
He has used Mokuton since he started fighting/arrived via Edo Tensei.

He used Hashi(Senju) DNA on the division he first faced, when Naruto destroyed it. He used it to make wood clones when fighting the Kages. He used it to make the wood dragon to fight Kurama/Naruto.

He used RG to bring the meteors down on the ninja, remember?

Aside form Susan'oo he has shown ONLY RG and Hashirama jutsu spamming.

What makes you think Naruto's rasenshuriken can't get through Raikage's lightning cloak? wind counters lightning, water counters fire which is why people think/thought Naruto was going to get water as his second affinity. To counter Sasuke's fire jutsu.

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