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Re: Magi 165

he is just a fkin racist , thats all to it. Just coz he is currently shown helping magi's u think he might be rational. All i can say is , as alladin himself explains, he considers those without magic like animals (quite literally btw). He doesnt care and if u dont understand my analogy, compare him to magneto in X-Men, similar scenario and furthermore magneto abandons mystique when she lost her power.
His intentions for his kind maybe good , but for the whole world i dont think so

@kluang : ya , that i agree , he was just audacious but ofcourse he has a huge number of magic users following him and not to under-estimate his own powers. I am pretty sure they can hold up against one magi and probably the laem empire. But the Kou empire is another matter.

@shrike : ya i agree with you there, i mean i cant predict what he will become, he is very complicated but i still hold on to my point maybe not pure evil but evil nonetheless

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